Reusing canning lids... In the fridge?

tawnybeeAugust 15, 2013

I know that reusing canning lids is a big no-no. But tonight I was making salsa (not to can) and used my canning jars to put it in. I put the lids on and after a while, they pinged! Now I know this is in no way safe for "canning" but it made me wonder if it would make things last longer in the fridge, since its sealed, but also refrigerated at a safe temperature. Anyone know? It would be nice if it worked that way, as I like to make small batches of salsa/jam without going through the trouble of canning it, but I can't make too much at a time because it won't keep long enough in the fridge.

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It works for me. I make my own yogurt and put it in sterilized canning jars with a lid when it's warm from the dehydrator, then right into the fridge. It does form a weak seal as you noticed, and my yogurt stays fresh for much longer time. I've tested it for fun and it lasted up to 6 months with no sign of mold or deterioration in flavor.

Should work for jam and salsa, too.

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I reuse used ids all the time when storing stuff in mason type jars in the fridge or dry goods in the pantry. as long as the jars and lids are clean, not discolored, no scratches and not bent, I use some of the wife's red nail polish to mark the lids so they never get mixed up with the good stuff. the np doesn't come off in the dishwasher.

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missemerald(7 (Virginia))

I reuse them all the time too, for all sorts of things. I also make yogurt (dairy and non dairy) and use the jars/lids for the yogurt and for the whey when I strain it off. Tastes much better in the glass jar than in a reused plastic container, I think.

Since I always label my canned goods on the canning lid with a Sharpie marker (Mom didn't and it drove me nuts), I can always tell a new lid from a reused one.

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