Northern Rebloom Part2

gdjcbAugust 28, 2013

I know that I have asked this before, but I was hoping some of you from zone 5 or lower would share what Daylillies rebloom for you. I saw Nat4 post today and saw that a few of the daylily pictures posted were reblooms and looked great. I got some great ideas for daylillies from the last post and look forward to seeing what other Northern rebloomers are available. To those of you who post pictures, thanks. I have chosen some of the daylillies i have purchased based on your pictures and info. Its nice to see what they look like and read how they perform for someone in the same zone.


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I am in Zone 5b an no daylilies rebloom consistently in my garden. There is absolutely no rebloom in my garden this year.

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I'm in Z5a and we hardly ever get any rebloom. This year Blackberry Candy did rebloom for me and is currently flowering bigger and better than it did during the heat of the summer. Cranberry Cove, first year in my garden, also sent up rebloom scapes. Mal and Peggy Jeffcoat did to, they have been in my garden 3 years and never did before.

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From my limited experience: I can expect rebloom from such DLs as Stella and Happy Returns. The others are just pleasant suprises :) Also Stella and HR they have a rest period before rebloom. Rebloom on the other daylilies is instant, so it's like additional scapes. Usually it's 1-2 scapes which are shorter than originals and with less buds, and they start blooming while the original scapes are still blooming.
What's interesting is that this summer and especially last summer were hot and dry. We actually had extreme drought last year, yet both years 19 and 18 daylilies had instant rebloom. In 2011 I had 9 with IR, and don't have any info for 09-10. Of these only 3 had instant rebloom 3 years in a row. Funny but they are not even registered as rebloomers.

What daylilies have you chosen?

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Thanks for the replies. Sounds like its pretty much just up to chance, as far as rebloom for us in the North. I do plan on adding a couple Norris Daylillies that are suppose to have consistent Northern rebloom. If they do, I will likely add a couple every year.

Nat4b- The daylillies that I have seen on here and purchased are, Continetal Holiday, Hillbilly Heart, Bold Heritage, Paradise City and Lee Pickles. All were planted here in mid may and had beautiful blooms, although on shorter scapes and with fewer buds, than registered. None have rebloomed despite being registered as such. Yes I am a huge fan of eye/edged Daylillies. I purchased my first Daylillies at Lowes in 2011, made my first order last year from Earlybird (planted in mid 90's in early August, all 27 bloomed and looked great this year) and am now at 63. would be great to some how prolong the blooming period, they really look great.


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Rebloom for me has been, Tangerine Horses, Pumpkin Kid, So Lovely, Sorcerer, Wizard of Oz, and Daring Deception. I might add this is the first time in 46 years that I've had any rebloom. I also have a lot of proliferations this year.

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Isn't Paradise City late? I also like the looks of Hillbilly Heart and Continental Holiday! Don't remember the other too.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Here's some of what I have. I'll start with Mike Derrow BbecauseI l love his daylilies. For constant re-bloom there's Charlie Dale and Tribble With Blue. New this year, I went Adena Inferno first daylily to bloom 3 times in the first year and Transylvania Tango. All of Mikes plants re-bloom for me except Prelude To Panopoly.
Don't forget to give all daylilies a couple of years to look and bloom their best
I have a couple hundred daylilies and 85% repeat but I bought northern repeaters. Also purchased good bud builders and lates with high bud counts.
Paul Owen has spectacular re-bloomers for the north. Special mentions should go to all of his that I have. Must say that for an orange Navel Assault is perfect in every way and many others. Very impressive daylilies.
Judy Davisson has fantastic northern re-bloom plants. Early Shirley and Mister Butters carry the first half of the daylily season. Last Blast and Miss Demeanor are there for the rest of the season and many more. Love them!
Just email these friendly people. Let them know what you like (healthy plant, color that does not fade, re-bloom,ect.) and they will help.
On with re-bloom, One of my favorite all around constant re-bloomers is Twist Again from Mike Huben. Very beautiful prolific light yellow. Also Boston Marathon, Snowy Stella, Vanilla Stella and White and Nerdy plus more.
New Every Morning (Sandy Veurink) has All Riled Up very nice orange con. bloom
Loon Song Gardens- Plum Kisses (wow) and Ambrosia Rows.
Nother Exposure Gardens ( gary Schaben)- Debbies Vows (wow wow) Tall Annie for bud count each scape over thirty some 50 criminey crickets.
Dancing Tree Gardens (Hugh Stout)- Art in thePark, Grape Starburst and Earth Flame all repeat here. Beauty to die for.
Sooner Plant Farm- 24/7 daylilies to new to judge but they sure look good
Ashwood Garden (Richard Norris) His plants do what he says. Memorial to Steve- goodness gracious what a daylily. Ashwood Plum Crazy, Belief In Vein Many others so beautiful.
Many Apps with con. bloom.
There's more but must end sometime. So I'll end with a couple all time favorites Going Bananas Stella's Ruffled Fingers, Tetrina's Grand Daughter and The Jury's Out.
Some are big $$$ some are small $ all are gorgeous re-bloomers here in Northern Illinois. Sorry this was so long.

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Nat4b, Paradise City was done earlier this month, I'm new enough to Daylillies to not know if Late July to early August is considered late or not. Was a beautiful bloom, though.

flowergirl, thanks for the info, I guess if you wait long enough, you will see it all.

pattyw5, WOW, thanks for the list. I was starting to think consistent rebloom for the North was very limited. Sounds like best results would be to stick with certain hybridizers from the North.


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What great info. You have done a marvelous job of selecting daylilies for this trait. How late do you get rebloom? Are some of them still blooming now and what is the latest you would have blooms?

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

The daylilies that go till frost are the constant bloomers.
Going Bananas.Red Hot Returns,Stella"s Ruffled Fingers.Twist Again, Adena Inferno, Tribble With Blue(still going strong,first year old enough to do this, not white in north but nice clear color) All Riled Up, Snowy and Vanilla Stella, Boston Marathon 24/7 look like they'll be really nice but have not seen their first winter yet soooo no comment yet for them.
Almost all of my re-bloom comes in the form of instant rebloom that said these big tets need water and always do better with extra rain and three years growth. Four of Paul Owens plants sent up three rounds of scape's this year But for give me plants got moved around a month ago so the best would have lots of room the others went in the extra lot for now. Anyway Enlightened Assumption nearly bloomed its self to death three rounds of scapes from each fan poor thing looks totally out of breath now. Get back to this later with more extraordinary daylilies for the North.

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shive(6b TN)

Patty - Great list of northern rebloomers! Thanks for making the post so long with them.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

Thanks every one please let me know when I've yacked to much. A few more while I'm taking a heat break. One thing first forgot to mention that Memorial to Steve doesn't repeat just has so many flowers that you'll think it did. Also I've left out some that re-bloom because the flowers are not very good. One example is boy I hate to say this but Women At The Well is a great re-bloomer and when weather is cool wow what a bloom but if over 85 degrees it's ugly. I'm betting this would be a great one for zone 3. I just replanted it on the north side of house to see what will happen.
Barney repeats for me but not a very good bud count so it might not be here much longer. On the other hand a older Benz with great bud count and repeat is Fire King. Very nice strong orange doesn't fade, bleed or get muddy it starts mid season and just finishing up now.
Mabel Winegar very close in color to Breed Apart but with excellent repeat.
One of my favorite red blacks Tribal Council ( Jackie Pryor) never fails to have 30 to 50 buds and repeat. I got mine from the Pryors. I called to ask If they still sold their own daylilies the answer was yes. She sells them for 20$ Reva and Spring Bling are fanastic as well but need water for that repeat. The only one I haven't cared for is Pumpkin Junction because it's muddy in heat. but it blooms for about 2 1/2 months here.
Forgot Northwind Larry and Northwind Moe both repeat. Also from gary Schaben Hakuna and Tall Annie with astronomical bud counts no repeat but it's hard too find a northern red that does this well and Hakuna is even prettier than gary's picture. What I'm finding with the good instant re-bloomers are early's that goes into mid season or longer and mids that run thru late season.
Swontgirl the latest my rebloom goes for now is early to mid August except for the continuous bloomers. Some of those start in May and some very good blooming lates. Eli murphy just started. Old factory Evidence is half done. Suzy Cream Cheese is half done. The Jury's Out, Tetrina's Grand Daughter, Vulcan Fuego, Working Overtime and Dr. Handsome all lates so bloom in August- September. I know there's a lot of yellows but it's a good blending color and a good way to transition from different color schemes. They also calm things down to the eye.My early's start in May to June -the Midseason starts middle June and July and late season is August and September. While some bloom in October if they really don't look that great once nights are in the 40's. The roses are the super stars of the beginning and end of the growth year. Daylilies are the stars during Jb season.
Gracie Buttercup repeated three times this year.
Seventy times Seven sent up two re-bloom scapes that just started.
Honestly my favorites are Going Bananas, Stella's Ruffled Fingers, Twist Again, All Riled Up and Red Hot Returns are my favorites right now. Reasonable price,bloom all summer, healthy foliage and nice blooms. What more could I ask for? I think a few more may join that list but their young plants right now need to give them time. I also now that I a nutty plant addict. This is what I spent my retirement money on. Hey some gals like clothes, eating out, trips ect. Give me a plant and shovel. I got just what I wanted for Christmas a Black n Decker Cordless light weight trimmer.

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