canning peaches-raw pack??

whatsfordessertAugust 6, 2007

Is it better to use the hot pack or raw pack method for canning peaches? I have used the hot pack method before and would prefer to use an extra-light syrup. My peaches and pear halves floated to the top and I think it was because my syrup was too light. I read that you should use a medium syrup (at least) if you hot pack. I am a beginning canner and would appreciate anyone's opinion on this. Also, can you raw pack pears? The Ball Blue Book only gives directions for hot pack. Raw pack sounds much easier to me. I only have a BWB canner. Thank you in advance for your help!!

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You may use the cold pack for pears. Just follow the recipe for peaches. I always use a light syrup. Have been doing this for well over 50 years.

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Go ahead, use the light syrup and cold-pack them. You still have to peel them which usually means blanching them, but not necessarily. One problem you might have is putting room-temperature jars into boiling water will tend to crack the jar, which is not cool to say the least. To combat this pour the boiling hot syrup over the peaches in the jars as late as possible before immersing in the BWB. That way the jars will be warmer when they hit the boiling water. Lots of people will also heat the jars before packing, although I don't. But I do very slowly ease the rack of jars into the water to minimize thermal shock.

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I also cold pack peaches and use a light syrup. They float. I don't care.

I very seldom get the breakage of jars from thermal shock, but as soon as I say that, one breaks!


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How different is the fruit in texture after you cold pack? Is it that much different than if you hot pack? Thanks!

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Peaches, without ascorbic acid will turn brown.. Here, some of mine are now 2 years old, and still quite peach color. One jar missed the ascorbic and was tossed as it was really looking bad.

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