are schefflera invasive?

chinchette(9b)August 18, 2012

I have this type of scheffera. Should I worry about it?

I am thinking I should get rid of it...

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zzackey(8b GA)

That's dwarf shefflera. I always grew them in pots. I can't imagine them being invasive. Please ask your local agricultural agent about this.

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In South Fl the large shefflera is on the invasive list. Does the dwarf one make the same flower? If so I would think it is, as the wind blows the seeds all over, as well as birds carrying them off too. :o)

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I'd like to see what others think.

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babalu_aye(zone 9b - St Pete FL)

I recently removed several of these that I had planted over 10 years ago. They required frequent pruning, but I wouldn't call them invasive. I've never seen any new ones that came up from seed around here.


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linda_leaf z10fla(10A Florida)

I have a variegated form that I prune a couple of times a year. They have been in the ground for 16 years and I have had no problems with them spreading at all. They are pretty neat looking in my opinion.
Linda Leaf

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It's not that they spread by the roots, when they flower the wind blows the seeds, so you might not ever see a new plant. But 4 blocks away a new one is growing. If you keep them pruned and don't allow it to flower it shouldn't be a problem, but they are listed as class one invasive in S Fl. :o)

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ha, oddly enough I had a seedling in one of my pots the other day, I was hoping it was from the plant already growing but it wasn't, it was a schefflera. I haven't removed it yet but I have no idea where it came from, I have a small one on the other side of the house but I keep it severely pruned.

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I guess I was wondering if it was going to spread too much from limbs hitting the ground and rooting, and if the roots were going to do bad things. I think my neighbor had the growing habits mixed up with the non-dwarf type.

I will keep it pruned.

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I take it back. I think it IS invasive. I just looked at mine carefully. I see that it has a habit of spreading roots out from the base, and lower branches that have roots coming out of them that hit the ground. Then a new bush is created there. It did take about 6 years for this to happen, but I think that it is going to spread faster, now that it is established. The root system seems to laterally spread. I now wish I had not planted it. Actually, I never "planted it". I was one of those things that I brought home and left in the pot. Never got around to planting it and it rooted anyway. The plastic pot is still at the base of the bush. The variegated ones behave a lot better.

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

I am familiar with these trees from the 14 years I lived in the Keys. They are invasive, have heard of foundation slabs cracking or lifting up from the roots of one growing too close. If I had one growing within 20 feet of my home I'd dig it up.
They make beautiful privacy and wind screens if planted together in a row,...but only if they are away from any home foundations.

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Just wanted to add to second everything jofus said (well except for the keys bit, envious I am though) and that they do not belong near in ground pools either.

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I'm in zone 9b and have schefflera growing about 3' away from the house. They're an accident, but turned out lovely. I purchased a few small plants for one planter, but as they grew, they got moved into the yard. My schefflera isn't verigated, and was supposed to be a dwarf...HA! I keep them pruned into a hedge but leave long branches growing up the sides of the porch...sounds bizarre, looks fantastic. Mine have never bloomed, but then again, I'm a heavy pruner!

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