Interesting seedling/plant photos of good,bad & ugly hostas

squirejohn zone4 VTFebruary 18, 2013

I would guess some of you have probably taken photos of interesting open pollenated hostas you've found in your beds, if so. let's see some photos.

This seedling was found near Ginko Craig and has narrower leaves than GC or any other hosta I have. I suppose it could be self pollenated being reflective of a large gene pool.

My hostas are only a few years old so i have plenty of room between plants to inclde some open pollenated seedling to see what may develope.

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Ludi _PA_7a

I've got a slew of Elegans OP seedlings (most likely selfed) running throughout the garden.

I didn't take any pictures this year, but when they are big enough we dig them out of the front and put them in a shady spot in the back and let mother nature take care of them.

Never really thought to look and see if they were different from mama in anyway. There is a Wide Brim nearby and a couple of NOID, so they could be a cross. But Sieboldiana grows so slow I would probably have grand kids before these OP seedlings showed any signs of variation in their genes.


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Have a few Elegans seedlings, here's one that has some pucker. I have lots of OP seedlings, but those were started by me and not found in the garden.


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Very interesting topic. Last growing season I noticed some seedlings growing near Blue Mouse Ears. Top right of picture taken on May 22. They look blue. I left them there to see what developed. I had planned on moving them once they developed four leaves but never got around to it.
Salute, Frosted Dimples and Dream Queen are also in the vicinity.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Here are some more around Holy Mouse Ears on June 10. They started out a yellow colour but some have changed to blue. I'm really excited about them but they are probably nothing special.

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Irawon, I'd be excited too! They are definitely all different looking, and could be a lot of fun to see how they grow. Your Blue Mouse Ears is a handsome guy, and it would be nice having a lot more like that.

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This blue-green seedling in the center of the picture is from Cinnamon Sticks seeds,but it doesn't look anything like the parent plant. I have two of these planted next to each other. I have other seedlings from the same batch of seeds that look more like Cinnamon Sticks. That's nature for you! Phil

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Fun topic idea, thanks! Never thought to foto-document the 'pathway volunteers' ^_^ so I'll try to remember this year. Every once in a while one grabs our attention and we move to the seedling beds, but mostly we let children of garden guests dig 'em up and take home as a freebie.

still winter here,


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I submit a little bit of background music to play while you read this post.

Here is a link that might be useful: British Ukelele Orchestra play GoodBadUgly

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This open pollenated seedling showed up between Paul's Glory and Old Glory where I'd had my daughters potted Loyalist the previous summer. Later is the season the green/greeen variegation is barely visible. I am waiting to see what this year brings, being its 3rd season. Note the leaf shape is not like either 'Glory'. They are more like Loyalist. Anyway, I call it Theresa's Glory.


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Some of you seem to have the art of hybridizing down pat and are probably ready for the next stage... home tissue culture ... so you can share the lovelies that you've created en masse. I thought you might be interested in this web page.

Here is a link that might be useful: home tissue culture

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Les, it sounds like you have the offspring of a "summer romance." And it is pretty good looking too.

Theresa's Glory is a fine name choice.

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