Freezing watery veggies

2ajsmamaAugust 4, 2012

Actually fruits, but what are normally considered veggies. I know about partially dehydrating tomato slices and then freezing (detailed instructions would be nice if someone would care to write them), want to try that for winter salads. And I know Kay had a way to freeze cukes that wasn't quite for tossed salad but a cuke salad (think it was in vinegar), can search on that or email her.

But I was wondering since the de Bourbonne cornichons seem to be drier than regular slicing or even pickling cukes, what about freezing them (whole? sliced?), maybe have to let them get a bit big, but think they'd be OK on a tossed salad?

And what about zukes/summer squash? NCHFP says to blanch "young tender" ones 1/2" thick slices but I'm wondering if just freezing, or partially dehydrating and freezing (probably chunks) of larger, (seems like they're drier) zukes and crookneck like we use for grilling would work, then we could oven-roast them in the winter? Add olive oil and seasonings before freezing?

Has anyone tried this? Thanks

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I've frozen grilled zuc/summer squash & eggplant before. The thawed texture was a little mushy but there was great flavor so I pur�ed (when thawed) to make dip or a soup with a little smokiness.

If you like Greek food, I bet you could grate cukes & then freeze to use in tzaziki. Probably would need to drain after freezing though.

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