Dancing Queen and Fire Island

gogirlterri(5 IL)February 16, 2013

I just received a Jung catalog and Dancing Queen and FI
look to be very interresting offerings since I only have one yellow or chartreuse in my pot collection. Is anyone having success with either of these? I'm going from here right to the Library to learn more about them.

It's great to have the computer back up. I've missed you gals and guys!

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Both are doing well for me. We have Fire Island in a good amount of sun and Dancing Queen is mainly in shade after our walnut tree fills out in June.

Here are some spring pics from last year.

Dancing Queen

Fire Island

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I purchased Dancing Queen last year because of comments and great pictures from this forum. Hopefully someone will have a more mature picture for you. It is one that can take some sun. In my garden I put it where it will receive afternoon sun - a place where I wouldn't put some more finicky hosta. It greened a little as the summer went on but was still bright.


Dancing Queen purchased last year:

Dancing Queen on the far right planted in my garden

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

I have both plants. DQ is a superior and eventually large yellow. Great clump form and beautiful leaf form and color. It will take a lot of sun. I bought FI for its red pets. I have it in an elevated position in the rocks to show off its legs.

Why are you buying from Jung? There are so many better sources out there that sell these plants.


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bernd ny zone5

Jung is general nursery, not hosta specific. I bought from Jung in the past, and the hostas were very small at a high price, took a very long time to get going, not like the 3 or 4 year plants you get elsewhere, such as from Hallsons, Naylor and LotGiants.

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

I have no intention to buy from Jiung Steve. I just saw the offering in their catalog and liked what I saw in the hosta. I agree with bernd that their offerings are very small and high priced.

I am on a limited budget and Chris has been a wonderful source for us in the past, though his records won't show Theresa as his customer. I am very much devoted to him.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

FI is a SPRING yellow.. and dulls up pretty fast ...

its gives you heart palpitations as it bursts out of the ground ... ON FIRE .... but soon you forget its there.. lol .. until next spring..

i dont know the other personally ...

on a small budget.. dont fool with SPRING YELLOWS ... IMHO ... find something that will be yellow all summer ...


ps: the play on names.. makes me think.. its related to st elmos fire.. am i right????? .. nautical.. the fire theme .. etc ...

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Ludi _PA_7a

I purchased Dancing Queen this winter from Hallson and will be receiving it in the spring. So, I cannot comment on the growth, but I will say that the motivation to make the purchase came from this very forum. There were a slew of pictures last year showing off this beauty and I was sold based off those.

We all know I am a big fan of the viridescent hostas, but Fire Island didn't have enough for me to go WOW. Again, I cannot comment on it in my own garden, but I seem to agree with Ken's description and others that I have observed here on GW in the past.

It seems to punch you square in the jaw those first two weeks of spring but then fades to the back by the end of the year.

Just my two thoughts :)

Either way, any hosta is better than no hosta.

(enable enable enable enable)


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its WOW ... is that it is up.. in MY MI garden.. weeks in advance of others... that is the WOW ...

and then it usually gets hit by frost/freeze .. lol ..

and maybe that is why i think it disappears into my memory.. as others start coming up later ...

it does have its moment though ...


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gogirlterri(5 IL)

I wasn't as impressed with FI as I was with
Dancing Queen in regards to color retention. The photos in the HL really show how washed out the yellow of FI turns.. I also have fallen in love with the heavily rippled marginof DQ. I think it will look striking and I do have some sunny pkaces to put a pot or two. As soon as I get past Febr. bills I believe I will order one or two Dancing Queen..

Thanks all

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Okay, I know this is about DQ (always will be Dairy Queen=DQ to me) and FI.

However, I'm a big fan of large golds that stay gold. On that note, here are some others to check out at Hallsons, or Green Mountain or Wade Gatton:

Rich Uncle
Midas Touch
August Moon
Rosedale Golden Goose

All of these are tough as nails, very cheap to buy, stay gold, and grow like weeds. Even someone like myself with no background in growing hosta, can have pretty good luck with these all gold babies.

Of course, my favorite small gold is Stud Muffin, but if I get it in the auction, it will come at a dear dear price! sigh....maybe in the next life!

Rosedale Golden Goose in May

Rosedale Golden Goose in late July

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