Think this is enough garden space ;-)

Julia NY(6)August 19, 2014

It has been a busy couple of months with little time to post but I've finally finished the new garden space area today to put extra plants and iris and whatever else I feel needs to be moved. Another round of rain coming for the next 2 days but hopefully not so I can start dividing and digging plants again.

With the open field behind this area I'm taking a chance the deer will stay in the back field and not decide to wander in too close. Maybe I'll have to put up some scarecrows or whirly thingees to keep them spooked.

But I did have a chance to take a couple of pics a few days ago of the "boys" in the back field. Once they heard me on the back porch they took off running. Hmmm, was it something I said? LOL.

Daylilies are still blooming but very sparse. Only a couple of ones this year disappointed me but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and wait till next year. According to the weather predictions we will be having cold temps sooner this year so I'm pushing hard to finish the gardens before the first snowflake falls. Sorry that I haven't been able to post to all the great photos but I am looking and speed reading through all the threads.


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Nancy zone 6

That's a nice big space,room for lots of daylilies! You must be feedin' the deer good, they look really big & healthy. We have deer around here, but haven't seen them in our yard, or not often. I was weeding a couple of years ago & heard a noise, looked up & a deer was within just a few feet from me. Startled both of us quite a bit. Funny, years ago when we moved from town, deer were coming in town within just a couple of blocks from us.
Enjoy your new gardening space, can't wait to see what it looks like next year.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Looks like a very nive space you have ready and room to expand if need be.Darn deer aint afraid of nothing around here, except a big dog.They come right up in town here, just a few blocks from the middle of town.They haven't been eating all my flowers lately since the neighor put his 2 dogs out in the back yard.They bark a lot and keep the deer scared away, but some times late at night,the deer comes around eating any flower bud they can find, if the dogs are sleeping.I think deer are pretty, I just wish they stay way back in the woods where they belong.


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Maryl zone 7a

All that space yet all those deer. I hope they don't discover your daylilies after they are planted.....Deer always look "so right" grazing in the open fields. It's a shame they don't stay there............Maryl

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Oh my, a beautiful space, but the deer are worrisome. It should be fine.


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I sent Philistine Champion today. Hope it does very well for you, Julia. It should fit in your lovely garden space very well indeed.

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Julia NY(6)

Kay: Thanks for the heads up. I'll be dividing HOT TAMALES AND RED HOTS the weekend of September 6th if the weather is good and if your ready to have me send on that Monday, let me know. I'm hoping to move many plants to the back bed but only if Mother Nature cooperates over the next couple of weeks. I've got a lot of bearded iris to replant in that bed too.
I'm so happy to get Philistine Champion. Thank you!

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I hope it does well for you, and I can always send another if it doesn't. I waited until the plant sent out new leaves because it looks so awful at season end. I potted u a couple extra fans that I will plant separately just for "insurance" since it is so hard to get. I am ready anytime for Hot Tamales and Red Hots. I have actually made a couple more spaces by digging a couple more "okay but unloved" plants.

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