Cerise Masterpiece and other garden plants

mantis__ohAugust 27, 2012

I've had several nice blooms from Cerise Masterpiece, a new plant growing in a pot. I got it because it seemed to pass Julia's rigorous evaluation, though I didn't see any posts on it this year. I've gotten several cultivars that Julia posted because I know that she never hides the warts and isn't reluctant to post unflattering pics. But time will tell whether this is just another pretty Stamile face that ends up with low bud count and slow multiplication in this area.

Very dry here again. Maybe we will get the remnants of Isaac--a silver lining in dark clouds.

Potted plants are thriving with regular watering.

Colocasia California (very upright)

Bedraggled butterfly in the heat

Cannas at hospital garden

Fantastic Red



September Morn

Wyoming Wedding

AIDA (back to cannas)

Thai Sunray

A group shot

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My CERISE MASTERPIECE is new, planted last fall and did not bloom this year. Since we replaced the board fence at the back with a wrought iron one, it along with others are thriving now that they are getting early morning sunlight. I am looking forward to this beauty's blooms next year.


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Nancy zone 6

Cerise is really pretty. Love the cannas & dahlias. I think you inspired me to get a few cannas this year. They are blooming nicely, but I just picked up a couple that are available locally & don't seem to have the big blooms that yours do. My dahlias just seem to be starting to bloom nicely.

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Julia NY(6)

I'm not sure if I'm the Julia your referring to but your post had me going to my photos for this year-2012- and I can't find one picture in my folder. I moved mine two weeks ago because it needed more space. Same bed but since I got rid of a clump in that bed, I figured this one needed to get moved over a bit. I remember the dead scapes, shorter than previous years, and the soil was so dry in that bed I thought how could any daylily have survived. I started with three fans (2 huge, 1 smaller) from cajunkid back in 2010 and I now have 6 fans. Not huge fans this year but with the lack of rain I can forgive it since it has proven itself over the past 2 years.And mine sits in full sun and gets hit by our north, west and east winds in the winter. No special treatment.

Love the canna photos. Always a favorite even if mine failed this year.


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Cerise Masterpiece is beautiful and your cannas are magnificent.

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Julia (NY), yes, I was referring to your posts. I knew you didn't post any this year of Cerise, but did the previous two years. Good to hear that it has multiplied. When it was extremely hot, some things here bloomed on stunted scapes and I don't even remember them. Cannas thrive on water, and I have had to water a lot. Other than that, I find it important to start them in pots, which (with Miracle Gro) gives them an early boost.

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Cerise Masterpiece sure looks good, love the color. Your canna's are gorgeous I think I might have to get some more I have one that comes back year after year and it is planted in some really nasty soil gravel almost and it still grows talk about a hardy plant.

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Julia NY(6)

mantis: I think I will go back to planting my cannas in my large pots. They do need attention, aka water, which I did not provide. I relied on Mother Nature for that. At least I didn't have to see the JP's eat holes in the leaves this year. LOL.
Now to wait for whatever did come up to die back and dig them up again.


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Nancy, if you are interested, contact me and maybe we can work something out for canna plants next spring. Some people seem to have problems with winter storage. Digging, of course, is a major project, but there are a lot of new hybrids that are worth storing.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Beautiful flowers, especially the cannas.

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