Daylily seeds sprouting in pod. What to do?

lisa_3(5)August 30, 2012

I pulled some seeds pods over the last couple days and one plant is behaving oddly-the seeds have cracked open and begun to sprout in the pod! I know some one has discussed this before-but this is the first time I've seen it. If I plant these seeds in a pot now are they viable? It's almost funny that the only plant that is doing this is Evidence of Aliens. The rest are behaving normally. :)

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Nancy zone 6

Well, I've never done it with daylily seeds, but I've seen it in other types of plants & I've planted immediately. They sprout & do fine.

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lisa_3: I had the same issue come up last year with Substantial Evidence (this year was too crazy hot during bloom season for it to set seed)--about 1/2 of the seeds had germinated in the pod. I planted the sprouted seeds immediately and they proved to be viable and grew all winter long before being planted this past spring. The remaining, ungerminated seed got thrown into a baggie with plain water (no H2O2) in the fridge for three weeks and then planted, still ungerminated. Most of those also sprouted and grew.

I'm thinking the pod germinating is just another quirky thing about Substantial Evidence and its offspring, although I haven't yet grown out seed from any other members in the line off of my own plants. I have bought seeds out of Pigment of the Imagination, but those behaved like any other seeds--come to think of it, the pod parent was a Faulkner seedling rather than POTI.

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Julia NY(6)

Lisa: I have EVIDENCE OF ALIENS which has a pod on it from a cross I did with SPRING MYSTIQUE. No sign yet that the seeds are sprouting inside but it is a nice plump pod :-). Probably another week before I can see what is inside.

Never had a pod have the seeds sprout inside.


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