beginner hoya caregiver - tips?

kaleanna(z8 TX)January 9, 2013

Hello everyone,

I have tried my hand at raising hoyas before but never could get it right, so I gave it a rest for several years, now I wanted to try again so I got me a little hoya plant today.

Any tips, hints, advice etc, would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Kaleanna. :)

What other plants do you grow? I find it helps me to think of plant care relatively speaking. And what kind of Hoya did you acquire?

Generally, with Hoyas, you want to wait to water until the soil feels mostly dry, but probably has a little moisture at the very bottom. You don't want to give them a traumatic drought, just a thorough cycle.

Also, lots of light! If you are growing outdoors you have to be careful, but if you are growing indoors, it's hard to give them too much light. These are not plants that are meant for a window with a curtain in front of it. There are very few Hoyas whose leaves are dark green when they're getting enough light.

Finally, humidity. A Hoya will grow just fine in open air, but they love humidity, so if you can, put yours in with a group of plants, not on its own. It really makes a difference.

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Hello and welcome to the Hoya world, which by the way can seem like it has no boundries!

Hello Greedyghost:-)

While we are on the subject of light, in which I hope you come back, do you think mine will be ok or grow well hanging in a brightly lit room but with no direct sun?

They will not be hanging in front of windows, but from the ceiling. I am wishing I could live in the south with Hoya's hanging from every tree.

Thank you:-)

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I live in the south and wish I had a tree to hang my hoyas from. :-)

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@ Tiger: lol!

So, Mike, how far are the plants from their light source? Indirect is preferable, but it should be bright. You could use a light meter, of course, but if you don't have one, I always look at how light the carnosa leaves are (or close carnosa relative). They need to be about the color of a very ripe green lime. You know, when they're almost getting faintly yellow? You're a citrus man, right? If the carnosa looks like that, its neighbor Hoyas are also happy.

That said, you can grow and bloom some Hoyas in much weaker light. I have bloomed DS-70 and publicalyx in relatively dim northern windows. I think it's really species dependent though, and any Hoya will grow and bloom faster in higher light.

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kaleanna(z8 TX)

Thank you for all ya'lls tips. I grow several other plants, ie: sanseiverias, draceanas, christmas cactus, agalomeas, pothos, bonnie spiderplants, philodendrons.

On the tag it says hoya rope. It has crinkly leaves, dark green,

I saw another one that I wanna get it is green around the outside of the leaf and whitish on the inner part of the leaf. but have not gotten it yet.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Kaleanna,

Hoya rope is more formally known as Hoya compacta of which yes, there are several variegated versions.

These are great plants but are often subject to mealy bugs (look like bits of white cotton fluff). Pls. inspect the plants carefully before you buy them. Mealy bugs are a pain in the neck & very contagious to other plants, just so you know.

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That said, Karen is right about that!
Every time I get a Hoya delivered in winter, it has a Mealy or two. So I treat and it's fine.
Not a one ever sets foot in my home without a good bath and then a pesticide treatment for a week or two whether I see them or not.

Greedy! Thank you!

The room I will have them in has a skylight and both windows face the south. So it's a VERY bright room and I wanted to hang them from my beam across the room that comes off the ceiling about 6 inches down.

So, the hanging leaves will get bits and pieces of direct sunlight, while the main plant and the pot will be oto hight to get the direct sun from the windows.

I really appreciate your input!


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