8/8 flowers

nat4b(4)August 8, 2014

Some of the flowers from today. I have 3-5 with their last bloom every day :(
Was cutting some brown scapes today, too.

Last to the Buffet Line - first year blooming was not VL

Tahlequah Flame

Carnival in Brazil - slowing down

Last on Bombay Silk - so bright today but did not open all the way

Iowa Summer Evening has some colors today instead of just being yellow

One of the last blooms on Utopia or Oblivion

NOID that pleats at the start of the season

LFO on my only seedling

Guilded Appeal

Janet Benz LFO

and JKO

And Choral Fantasy LFO

Thanks for looking! And I will go do some liveheading before it's too dark.

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All are very nice. Can't pick a favorite.

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Sad to see the last, but still looking good. My favorite is your seedling. That's definitely a keeper. Carnival in Brazil is saying goodbye with a flourish.

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Thank you!

Yes, sad. Some flowers it's like Oh ok thanks see you next year, but some I was soo sad about. Couldn't believe it's over for the year..
Carnival is not done yet :) It's a late or rather mid late bloomer here.
Thanks for the seedling compliment :)

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

yep, I find it VERY sad to see the last bloom for the year.You really got some pretty ones, for their last.CARNIVAL IN BRAZIL is a beauty. mine aint never looked that good.I really like JKO. shes a pretty one.That purple one is a beauty, too.and JANET BENZ is a beauty, too.and that seedling, I almost forgot that one,and its my favorite out of them, too. very pretty seedling.


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Your seedling looks great--very rich color. Do you know any parents? Carnival in Brazil has opened nicely and definitely attracts attention.

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Thanks Jean and Mantis. It's been overcast here for the last several day so some daylilies got really bright deeper colors on them (in comparison with July). I was hoping we'd get rain but nope, not a drop. Anyway seedling's last bloom benefited from no sun. I guess Carnival is one of the parents, not 100% sure though.

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I think your seedling is the prettiest of this group. When it increases you should have an extremely pretty clump of blooms.


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