The Plant Depot in San Juan Capistrano

tammypie(9)January 21, 2012

When I found out that The Plant Depot were selling Hoya Kerri's, I thought they were the entire plant. I just had to run down there. They were selling the single leaves (plain green and variegated) in these little pots for $5.95 each. Well, I just had to buy 1 of each.

They were also selling whole plants of carnosa, Krimson Princess and what I think was Pubicalyx.

It is a neat place for all kinds of plants, outdoor ones too. If you're in So. Cal, you need to check it out sometime.


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I imagine you already know that the single leaf kerrii won't likely grow. They're still cute little novelty plants. I've often thought about rooting leaves to give to my friends on Valentine's day, but I think when/if I do it, I will be sure to get a little of the stem so that it will eventually turn into a plant for them...

Whether they have Hoyas or not, I always enjoy going to a greenhouse full of plants. It's been so long - I think you've enspired me to do exactly that to chase away the winter blues!

Denise in Omaha

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Ah, yes.
A trip to a nice large commercial greenhouse that I favour, is just what the doctor ordered!!

Shelmerdine's in Wpg is where I found my EA basket of curtisii.

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I was specifically told that these leaves do root. In fact, the employee tugged on the leaves and they would not move because they have rooted. He even said that his grew a long vine and his Kerrii got so top heavy that it fell over. I admit I always believed the H. Kerrii leaves did NOT root either.

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Oh, no, Tammy, you misunderstood me - they DO root. I've rooted many!! But they rarely grow when only the leaf is rooted. If you're careful to get some of the stem with it, it will grow. But the commercial growers that make up gobs of little pots of kerrii leaves for Valentine's Day don't really care about that. If the employee got one to grow from a rooted leaf, he/she was lucky. I've always rooted leaves that got knocked off, figuring even if they don't grow, they'll provide "ground cover" in the pot of the mama plant. In the 35 years I've done this, I have had only one grow.

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Tammy,

Sorry but you were misinformed. Denise is right, they'll root fine, those single leaves, it's just that they rarely grow into actual plant. Some of us have kept rooted leaves for YEARS & they do not become a plant, sorry.

I personally stopped my local supermarket from selling these as Valentine Day's novelty for $12 a pop; this was at least 5 yrs. ago. I explained to the Manager that I collected these & that among amateur collectors, we know these wouldn't grow into plants of their own & are rather a rip off. Did he really want to alienate existing customers? So they discontinued buying them.

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Good on ya PG! Nice to see you have some sway and your advice heeded...

Denise- in 35 years of rooted leaves, one success story? Ouch.

I give up rooting leaves... :-( Other than for ground cover...

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Just last week while watering I broke off a large pachyclada leaf. I nearly cried! But I'm figured I would try to use it to fill the pot as others of you have suggested! So thanks for the idea! So hopefully it will root. I hated to break it, it is starting to put on new growth and really take off finally!

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