Life happened, but I'm back now

tigerdawn(7)January 1, 2013

Hey everybody! I had a rough time this past year or so with my old job (workplace bullies suck) and my health (autoimmune disorders suck), but I'm doing much better now and I have time and energy to care for and enjoy my plants once again. Yay!

We visited some friends this evening and I had too much caffeine, so I'm wide awake in the middle of the night- perfect time to babble on about Hoyas to you guys!

Miraculously, most everthing survived. Here is a list of my current Hoyas, plus the ones I just ordered from Joni since she's phasing out her plants. *=just ordered
IML 1590 aff. clandestina
IML 0256 australis ssp. australis (Brookfield)
IML 0144 australis ssp. melanesica
IML 0046 bella
IML 0774 bordenii
IML 1774 callistophylla
IML 0158 carnosa
carnosa Chelsea
carnosa Krimson Princess
SRQ 3118 chlorantha
IML 1160 curtisii
IML 0000 cv. Iris Marie
SRQ 3037 diversifolia ssp. el-nudicus*
IML 0511 erythrina
IML 1428 erythrostemma White
SRQ 3073 excavata
IML 0398 finlaysonii*
IML 0423 flavida*
SRQ 3023 imperialis 'Mosaic'*
SRQ 3175 incrassata*
SRQ 3119 kenejiana*
IML 1742 macgillivrayi Rocky River Red
IML 0124 meliflua ssp. fraterna
IML 0850 merrillii
IML 0035 nicholsonii
IML 0240 nummularoides
IML 1691 pallilimba*
SRQ 3029 parasitica albomarginate*
SRQ 3059 parasitica variegata
IML 0022 pottsii*
SRQ 3045 pubicalyx Black Dragon*
IML 0268 pubicalyx Red Buttons
SRQ 3129 rotundiflora
IML 0831 sp. Phillippines*
SRQ 3112 wayettii

I made a spreadsheet with all the plants and their origins and growing conditions. I used the info from the 2011 Liddle Catalog,, and I'm still missing some info and I've forgotten what other sites there are. Suggestions are welcome.

It is good to be back. :-)

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Welcome back! It's nice to be reading your posts again, and I'm really glad you're feeling better. :)

I have to admit I was feeling motivated to snap up some of Joni's remaining potted plants, myself. But more on that in another thread as I don't want to take over yours. ;)

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Welcome back! That is quite an impressive list of hoyas, all shapes, sizes and bloom colors. That spreadsheet must have taken some time! ~ Mary

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I am not one to post here often, but have read your threads and post's and it's so nice to see you back.

I wish you well and a full recovery at this time.:-)


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Welcome back, TigerDawn!

It's good to see you here again! You've amassed quite the collection and congrats on the new plants. :-).

I must admit, you're more organized than I about my plants. Happy New Year!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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