Mango growers, - help !

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)August 10, 2011

Yesterday I got a rude awakening ! Have been nursing the last two Kent mangos that were still clinging to my 8 ft tall healthy Kent tree. Pulled off all the others a few weeks ago but left these two as I was curious how long they'd cling to the tree before falling off naturally. I went out and looked close, and to my dismay found they were both mauled badly. Many small, black rimmed holes thru the tough green skin and the flesh inside all black where the holes were.

I am curious what animal or insect could have done this ? These huge fruits were both 4, 5 ft above the ground and both well hidden by many green leaves closely wrapped around each. I saw no birds around ever. No sign of worms on or near the fruits, so am mystified. Naturally I am new at growing these luscious fruits in this part of Florida.

Should I have sprayed these late ripening fruits with something ? Unless I figure out a solution, next year these late ripening Kents will all be picked in late July and left to ripen on my kitchen counter. Curious if anyone has any input, early ripening Glenn mangos were all fine, last one falling off the tree in mid June.

I appreciate any advice from the many mango " experts " out there. ( smile ).

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Far from being a mango expert...but I am a Mango Lover,lol...this year I wrapped mine with window screening, Trini, one of nice members here(thanks!) was generous enough to share her technique with the rest of us. I used her idea and it worked with 100% success.

Unfortunately, I have NO idea what bugs/animal might have done that to your last two mangoes.

Here's what I used to cover my fruits...I did NOT lose one single one to any varmints or bugs. The great thing about this wrap is I tied it to the branch/stalk so when its ripe and falls off, its safe inside the wrap and does NOT fall to the ground and bruise the fruits. It stays on the tree till I unwrap or remove it.

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I have 2 gigantic Haden trees and the main culprits in damaging the fruit are squirrels, the fruit is so high up I can't reach it, the critters take bites out of it and then it falls to the ground, where they attack it again along with 'coons and possums..... I get what is left over ! and still have more than I can eat so it gets given away or frozen....sally

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