Fermented dills not fermenting?

cme1(5a)August 13, 2014

I decided to try my hand at a fermented dill recipe with my latest harvest of cukes. I followed the recipe in the Bernardin canning book (Canadian equivalent of the Ball Book, I figure) to a T.

Its been 3 days and I haven't seen any of the "scum" form on the surface of the liquid that I'm supposed to "scrape off every day". No bubbling, either.

I had the container in the basement for the first day and a half, decided it was too cool there and brought it to the first floor pantry. The temperature is about 78F up there. The basement is probably closer to 70F.

Am I being impatient or am I not finding a sweet spot in terms of temperature?

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I just made a small batch of fermented vegetables using the Perfect Pickler kit. The jar did not look bubbling but when I picked it up, I could see the bubbling. Perhaps the bubbles are smaller than what you expect to see. Mine were pretty tiny. I did end up with some scum after 5 days.

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msmarieh(Z5/N IL)

Too soon to worry. Can take up to a week for the fermentation to start. Patience, grasshopper! :)

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Agree. Too soon to worry. I would keep them in the basement though! I just had to abort my fermented dills and salvage what I could because the top layer started to get slimy because temps were too high. I don't have a basement and normally they're fine on my dining room table, but we've had a heat wave and my indoor temps have fluctuated between 60 and 80 degrees. Not good for fermenting.

After 4-5 days, you should be able to lift the lid and sniff. They should be starting to smell "pickly".


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Thanks to you both - I'll try to calm down ;)

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