Hoya looks dead but isn't what next?

AnkaDankaJanuary 9, 2013

I just picked up a poor hoya whose owner sadly passed away. The plant has been pruned right back and appears dead. However when I tried to bend the 'twigs' they didn't snap, so I'm hoping it's still got some life.

I've brought it home and fed/watered it and will repot at the week end but is there anything else I should do that could help it survive?

I've read that 2/3rd good potting mix and 1/3rd orchid mix is good for the plant?

Would very much appreciate your help as I know nothing about hoyas.

Many thanks

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If you give it good light and extra humidity it has the best chances. Hoyas can come back to live from leafless "sticks" but it isn't a sure thing. I always put mine in an aquarium when they look like that and often, right around spring, they'll produce a new leaf. If it's a larger plant, I'd try a pebble tray, or maybe put a bag around it.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Are there any leaves left on the plant? If not then just be sure to keep the potting mix only slightly moist or it will rot the roots.

A potting mix as you described will do just fine. If the orchid mix has perlite and charcoal or other additives I would be suggest mixing it 50/50 with potting soil. You can even do 2/3 orchid mix and 1/3 potting soil but you will have to water more often. Also when you repot use a small pot just a little bigger than the root mass.


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