Aloysia virgata - almond bush

juneroses Z9a Cntrl FlAugust 13, 2014

We need a small tree for our front yard to provide balance to an existing crepe myrtle. I've been considering limbing up an aloysia virgata (almond bush) into tree form.

I'm wondering, however, how "dirty" a tree it might be. Would I regret planting it near a driveway? It would probably be planted about 6-8 feet from the edge so another issue is the root growth; would it tend to heave the drive?

Any input you can share would be appreciated.

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I loved my aloysia.
I trained my into tree form. Got to be 20 foot.
Planted it in the triangle between the house and the driveway.
Bloomed all the time. Smelled heavenly!!

But those darn little flowers kept falling in the hood vent of my car and blocking up the drain line which in turn flooded the front passenger's foot area.
So, we cut it down.
I miss it everyday - the shade it provided for the car.
The shade from the hot sun coming in the front picture window.
And I miss the fragrance
I'd plant one, just not next to the drivway...........cheryl

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

Thanks so much for your response, Cheryl. It's good news/bad news. Good in that you liked it enough to want to plant it again, bad in that I'd probably regret putting it in the area I had in mind.

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I have mine on the side of the driveway. It is a large shrub, smells beautiful, but I have to trim mine. Basically pest free, though. I'd say it needs about 8 feet.

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