Rare Hoya Compacta??

teisa(6)January 29, 2013

This is a neat looking Compacta, I ran across on eBay. Has anyone else ever saw variety?

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay auction

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Not me, but packing that for shipping looks like a challenge! ~ Mary

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I have one! Well....I lost all but one strand I have managed to bring back from near death! This is a nice one I call mine tri color. I may be wrong on that, I like all of the Ropes, they are so neat in shape.

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ALH, ask where you acquired yours? I would love to get one like this, but I'm really debating on whether to order this time of year! I'm afraid this eBay person may not have many of them! So I want to get an more places to get one when it's warm enough to ship! Thanks!

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I believe this is a reputable vendor on eBay. I've never ordered from him, but have seen positive comments here on the forum. He should be well experienced to pack that baby up nicely so it should arrive in good shape. Tough time of year to be accepting plant material, but he offers heat packs for $3. Those I have had good experience with.

If the price stays within your budget, I say, go for it. It really is a nice plant, though I don't think it's super rare.

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I really would LOVE to have this Hoya. I was just always afraid to order during winter as I've never used the heat packs. I really appreciate your input, it has helped me make my decision to bid. This is a very reputable dealer, he says in listing "seldom- if ever listed". Don't know if I'll win, but I sure hope!!! It will make a nice Valentines present (;

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