Plans to visit SRQ Hoyas!

teisa(6)January 31, 2013

We visit Florida a couple times every summer. I decided Im gonna make a visit to SRQ Hoyas! Ive been dieing to visit and pick out my own plants for a long time! I've contacted Joni to set up a date in May!!

But I have a question, I thought I had read that there is a place that sold Hoyas in the gift shop of a zoo in Florida. I was thinking that was where SRQ Hoyas was. But Joni clarified that her shop was located at her home. So, was there another Hoya seller that sells in a gift shop at a zoo? Or have I just lost my mind?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Teisa,

I don't know anything about a zoo in FL selling hoyas but I'm quite jealous that you get to go to SRQ Hoyas!
How lucky you are! I've been eyeing many hoyas that she offers. :)
I hope someone can remember the zoo hoyas for you.


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I remember somone mentionig place in Tampa (close to Joni)cant tell if it was Botanical gardens or some other place. I will try to serch arhives on weekend, may be something will come up :).

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Congratulations on your planned trip/visit. I just know you're going to have a fabulous time. Joni is such a lovely and fascinating person. I wish I were going too!

You know, I don't think you've lost your mind, because the whole zoo thing is ringing a bell way back in my head. I just can't put my finger on the story. I don't think it was Joni though.

I know for a couple years Joni participated in a spring plant fair, but I believe her business has always been established at her private home.

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Well Joni answered this question. She used to sell Plants at the Selby Botanical Gardens in the gift shop. Now evidentially I hadn't lost my mind, just had it really crossed. Don't know how I confused a zoo & Botanical Garden. Lol

But anyway I'm really excited to go to SRQ! I've been waiting all year for it. Now that we have trip scheduled, the anticipation is killing me!

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Hi teisa,

You are probably thinking of my post semi- recently when I mentioned the Hoyas that are sold at the USF (Univesity of South Florida) Botanical gardens. They usually have a ton of nice hoyas there and the prices are good, even including the $5 cost of entry. I definitely recommend it if you are going to be in the Tampa area. Website link below, for directions.

Selby Boranical gardens is great also, although I can't tell you what they have in the gift shop. It's in Sarasota. The first part of the garden, when you step out of the building, is amazing... Tons of hanging plants and vines all around you. Very cool!

Here is a link that might be useful: USF Botanical Garden

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Thanks buzzb! I'll definitely keep that in mind...would love to see Hoyas growing everywhere! We have friends that live near Sarasota that we will be visiting. I appreciate the info about USF, I was not familiar with their botanical gardens. What I was trying to remember, turned out SRQ used to have listed that they sold Hoyas at the Selby Botanical Gardens gift shop. But I don't think she's taken any there recently.
Thanks again for the info!!

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