Freakout while canning

ristau5741(6)August 11, 2013

made a batch of sweet pickles yesterday, ball bluebook recipe, after I BWB and was done, I freaked out and had convinced myself that I forgot the canning salt, so I undid the whole batch, back in the pot, added the 1/3 cup of canning salt and reprocessed the batch again, woke up this morning and realized that there was no need, the canning salt was using in the 90 minute brining and wasn't supposed to go in the pot so I didn't need to do all that extra work. I ruined a perfectly good batch of pickles. More pissed off for the forgetting than a over salty batch of pickles. oh well, I need some feel good stories about your canning screw ups. make me feel better :)

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Ok, yesterday we prepped just less than 1 bushel of Roma tomatoes for salsa. Got that all prepped and then when I added the spice packages (we make a HUGE batch at a time), I added pasta instead of salsa spices. So we will have a totally different salsa this year, hope it's good.

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I think both these projects will turn out ok :). The pickles, you can just rinse them off -- soak them if they are really too salty -- before eating. The salsa might be more like spicy spaghetti sauce :).

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Hubby tried it, It's OK.

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Oh, good!

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After 20 pints, I was hoping he was Ok with it. Next batch, I'll watch more carefully.

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ahbee01(z5 OH)

You can use the "pasta" salsa as a base for sloppy joes, I bet that wold be yummy, and I also do that with my salsa just add a small jar of sauce and simmer best sloppy joe mix ever!! Way better than manwich!!

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