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luvidaho_2010(5/6)January 7, 2012

I have been reading through old posts and have learned a lot about hoyas. I have read that some growers use BATS routinely on hoyas they consider to be "bug magnets". I don't currently have a problem but knowing Murphy's law (I swear that joker lives at my house) I can't expect not to have an outbreak at some point. I did have a few mealies on a couple jades that responded to alcohol and insecticidal soap. I haven't seen evidence of any bugs for about 6 weeks but I am still treating them a couple times per week.

How do you use BATS as a routine preventative? How often do you use it?

I don't plan to put my hoyas outside this summer so I would use it for inside the house. For the most part I am really only concerned about a compacta. I can inspect the others pretty easily and treat them if needed. I understand the caution to be taken inside for people and pets. The plant is hanging well out of their reach. TIA


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I don't think it's necessary to treat your plants unless there is a pest problem. If you see mealies and you are afraid that they have started spreading then you could treat but there is no need to use an insecticide as a preventative, that's like taking antibiotics so you don't get an infection that, well that you don't have.
Keep your eyes open for those mealies and then take action if they return but for now I would just enjoy your plants.


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After re-reading my post I can see I worded it incorrectly, sorry for that. I don't actually plan to use BATS until I see mealies on the compacta. From what I have read here, by the time you see them on this one, the infestation is pretty extensive and difficult to stop short of tossing the plant. I was not a Girl Scout but I do believe in being prepared just in case. I do not want to find a bunch of bugs and have to waste time researching what to do. I want to have what I might need available and the knowledge to use it appropriately.

I have been looking for a spray with pyrethrin in it to use initially. I finally found some today so I am glad to have it available.

Thanks for the response Mike.

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