hokierustywilliamsbuAugust 4, 2012

what are some of the best late blooming daylilies

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Here are some that I have grown:

August Flame
August Frost
Autumn Blaze
Autumn King
Back to School
Bermuda Coral
Chicago Apache
Elizabeth�s Paradise
Final Touch
Flamboyant Promise
Hazy August Sky
Imperial Passion
Hot Bronze
Jen Melon
Last Man Standing
Lavender Fairy Tales
New Lavender Triumph
Olallie Mack
Pumpkin Time
Red Thunder
Sandra Elizabeth
Sellstation Carnival
September Blaze
September Rose Rosy
Sib to Pearl Finale
Strawberries on Parade
Susan Webber
Sweet Butter Cream
Tahitian Sunrise
Truly Angelic
VT Type Beta
Waves Become Wings

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shive(6b TN)

Here are the ones I still have blooming: Final Touch, Adrienne's Surprise and Autumn Jewels.

I have posted threads on best late bloomers the past three years. Do a search on Garden Web for late blooming daylilies.


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thanks all

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I have Royal Jester, Fall Farewell, and Late Late Show going right now-they're early for the year, but everything was. Usually they bloom later. Anything else I have going is on rebloom.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

When you're selecting good lates, I think it is important to consider what zone you live in. Try to get recommendations from people who garden in the same zone. I know Rita has posted extensive lists of many, many lates and extra-lates that she grows.

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