Six new Hoya species named.

mdahms1979January 21, 2010

There were six new Hoya species named in the winter addition of the International Hoya Association publication. Most of the species in question exist in collections already but have been published as separate and distinct species.

Hoya paulshirleyi T.Green & D.Kloppenburg was named after Paul Shirley who collected this Hoya while in Sulawesi. This species was referred to as Hoya sp GPS 8844 while in Mr. Shirley's collection but it now has a proper name. This Hoya resembles Hoya tomataensis.

Hoya krohniana Kloppenburg & Siar sp. nov.

This Hoya from the Otostemma section closely resembles Hoya lacanosa and was separated from that species due to various differences including corona and corolla measurements.

Hoya panayensis Kloppenburg & Siar 2010

This Philippine Hoya species resembles Hoya gigantangensis.

Hoya fitchii Kloppenburg closley resembles Hoya cagayanensis but shows differences in flower and pollinium measurements. This species was named after the collector Charles Marsden Fitch and Hoya fitchii now takes precidence over the old catalog number Hoya CMF-8.

Hoya savaiiensis Kloppenburg

This Hoya comes from Savaii Island in western Samoa.

Hoya smithii Kloppenburg

This species from Fijii has gone by the name of Hoya intermedia sp. nov. and then later by Hoya carnosa, it most closely resembles Hoya australis and Hoya vitiensis but with a different growth habit.

These Hoyas were just recently published and some of the changes may be disputed. The most common species that some of us will have are Hoya paulshirleyii and Hoya fitchii and the new Otostemma section plant Hoya krohniana.


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Mike...thanks for the information...that issue of Fraterna was the most confusing one yet...I simply skimmed it, thinking all of the time "I'm not going to renew my subscription" many new names and old names that they've replaced. You, at least, made it more understandable...thanks!! Fondly, Patrick

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Patrick the reclassification of plants is always something that hobbyists regard with suspicion. Scientists and taxonomists need to keep busy somehow. LOL
I am not really a fan of Fraterna either but having the hard copy of newly published species is definitely a plus.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Mike, thanks for taking the time to post the info. Just what we needed...6 more hoyas,lol...

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Mike, Is this to say that the Hoya that we have been calling CMF-8 is now named Hoya fitchii? Thanks for the information.

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Ladygreensleves you are right that Hoya now has a properly published name vs Mr. Fitch's collection ID of CMF #8.


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

Mike was there a picture of the krohniana?
I am thinking that this one is the heart shaped lacunosa alot of us have and Dale named this after Cindy Krohn who sent him a piece off her plant. He told her he would name it after her,,,guess he kept his word!
She used to be active in the Hoya forum several years ago. I forget now what her ID was. I bet some of the forum oldsters would remember her.
How exciting!,,,Debbie

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Debbie you are right in that the leaves of that species are heart shaped but I was unaware of the rest of the details you mentioned. The only photo I have seen is in the latest issue of Fraterna and because it is a newly published name you will not find it elsewhere for a while.
How exciting it would be to have a Hoya named after yourself.


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okie_deb(6 OK. zip 737)

I called Cindy Krohn and asked if she was aware Kloppenburg had published the Hoya and she was. Her ID was CaliCat when she was active here in GW in this forum. She was an active poster and trader.
I have a pot full of Hoya krohniana and have for about 7 yrs. now. It's cute as it can be.
Cindy picked it up at a little greenhouse and it was half dead. I think it was 2.50 she paid for the pot. She nursed it back to health but wondered which Hoya it could be. She showed it around but no one not even the experts had seen it before. It is such a cutie most thought it should get a proper name. Kloppenburg told Cindy he would get the job done. The rest is history.
It's been spread across the world now through the years. It was known as heart leaf lacunosa. If you check Swedish lists many have it listed.,,,Debbie

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