How to propagate Aloe Vera?

bd74August 12, 2011

Someone gave me this Aloe plant. The plastic pot it came in is broken and is falling apart. The pot itself is big but I want to grow the plant in a smaller pot. Can the plant be propagated via a leaf cutting? Or how is it done?

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I wouldn't do anything just yet. It's just about time for them to bloom, and you don't want to miss that!

Just take it out of the pot, start from the outside, and start pulling them apart. You probably have about 20 plants in there. Try to make sure they have a couple of roots apiece, but if they don' worry. Just stick them into the soil and they will root.

You can pot each up individually in a smaller pot, or put a few into one pot, but it will fill right back up with babies eventually. I pull most of my babies from mine when they get about 5-7 leaves and give them away. That way, the large plant can keep growing and not have to support them.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

As dirtygardener73 sez, that is not 1 plant, but many - simply separate them carefully & repot...

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Thanks a lot to both of you.

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I just divided my aloe yesterday. I found it difficult to divide up the primary plant. So, I left alone and only separated out the babies for repotting.

Your aloe plant is quite impressive and I would keep it going!

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I have an aloe that is over 30 years old, or at least the large plant is "sorta" that old. When I was 25, my mom gave me an aloe for my birthday. As it got too tall, and wanted to fall over, I would chop off the top and stick it back into the soil. I must have given away HUNDREDS of babies over the years. So the large plant I have now is part of that original tiny little aloe I got when I was 25.

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I am new to this forum and I just want to know if aloe can be planted from leaf cuttings. I let the end of the leaf (where it was cut) callus over for 2 days and I just planted it into fresh moist soil. What should I be doing for next couple of weeks and when will the roots grow from a leaf cutting?

Thanks in advance!

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To my knowledge, aloe vera is not a blooming cactus. However, you can get probably a dozen plants from the one in the picture. Even if you only get a small a part of the roots for each plant, they will still grow. After you have separated and planted them, they will thrive best in a cool location such as under a tree - I am assuming you will pot them.

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OH, YES! Aloe vera has a most impressive bloom. Shoots straight up with hundreds of tiny 'flowers' covering the top half of the stem. Mine's been in ground for years and after the first year, it has bloomed every year since. In spite of a couple of hard freezes. cora

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Yes,they do bloom. I have many types of aloe and they all bloom. Some have yellow flowers and some orange. The kranze aloe is a big plant with a orange bloom. I have an aloe vera with yellow flowers as well as the more common orange flowered one.

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This was very timely! A plant that I got last year as a gift has 2 babies and the main plant is just in dirt (aka sand) from our friend's yard from when she potted it for me last year. The main aloe isn't in there well and one of our cat's knocked the pot off the window sill this morning and now they are all a mess.
So I need to repot tomorrow, but should I keep the yard dirt and just add more, or use MiracleGro potting mix? I just bought a bag of that for some cuttings I want to do.

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It's been my experience that they'll grow in most anything. I would think the better soil would make them bloom more though.

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So I know this is an old post but I want to grow edible aloe and I can't figure out what kind is edible. I bought a leaf at the grocery which I know is edible. Would I be able to root it?

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^ I am currently in the same situation, I purchased a huge beautiful aloe leaf from the grocery store and I can't find any answers on weather or not it is possible to root a leaf cutting. Part of what seems to be the petiole is intact. Any info would be greatly appreciated. c:

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JCTsai(8B - Jacksonville, FL)

Yes, aloe can be planted from leaf cuttings

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Crenda SWFL 10A

The Cacti and Succulent Forum may be the best place to ask your aloe questions. The search function on this forum may answer a lot of questions, too.

Folks on the C&S forum recommend a gritty mix and it has worked for me. My pots (I have 12 different aloes) stayed out in the rainy summer and did well - no rotting. MG cactus soil tends to get dried out and rock hard around the roots if not amended with perlite (at least). I have never been successful at rooting an aloe leaf, but that's just me. I have trouble rooting a lot of things.

These folks have helped save a lot of my succulent plants. They welcome questions and like pictures!

Good luck everyone! Happy gardening!

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