sp. Kunming Kina

Laura_CarnosaJanuary 16, 2012

IML#1347, Iris Marie tells me this hoya is equivelent to sp. Kunming Kina. I've tried this hoya twice now, and I'm sorry to report it'd dead. :-( Again...

Will I ever succeed? *sigh*

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Laura off the top of my head I don't think I have Hoya sp IML 1347. I do have a plant that was sold under the name Hoya salweenica and although these two are related they are quite different. I would have to see sp IML 1347 and compare it to sp Kunming Kina to be able to tell if they are in fact two different species. One thing that I do notice on my Hoya salweenica is that the new growth (stem and leaf surface) is sparsely pubescent. I will check my plant when I get home and see if there is any other info on the tag.

Patrick mentioned to me that he found his Hoya sp Kunming Kina likes to dry out so I have followed his lead and my cutting is doing well. Even at the early stages I did notice that with too much water the cutting woud drop leaves, it has since rooted and grown a new leaf or two and seems happy with the drier conditions.


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Just blows my mind! I root everything the same, and 9/10 have no problems... I root pottsii, longifolia, pubera, bilobata, pubicalyx, all the same, in my aquarium. I'll have to give this some thought... But both times I've tried to root IML#1347, there's only been one leaf on the cut, so I don't suppose this helps any...

BTW- Good to see U MD. I was begining to wonder where you went. Too bad I can't show U #1347 because it is DEAD!!

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Good on you, as you always say...

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)


I have both although neither have an IML number. The
Hoya sp Kunming Kina is ALOT bigger than Hoya salweenica although they are similar in leaf structure and the Kunming Kina is very dark and the salweenica is lighter in the leaf color.

Laura I have the Kunming Kina rooting for you.


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They are quite similar Dee but sp Kunming Kina is much more succulent where salweenica is not.

I really paid the price for not repotting my Hoya sp Kunming Kina when I knew it was in a mix that held too much water. My cutting died on me a little while ago. I almost never loose Hoyas but that one is very dead. Time to start searching for a replacement. :(


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Thanks, Dee!

CMB does not think IML#1347 is Kunming Kina. It's more like salweenica, I believe. But still dead. Twice over.

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