Is a half bushel of tomatoes about 30 pounds

juliejartAugust 20, 2006

Is a half bushel about 30 pounds of tomatoes? The last recipe I used didn't thicken enough. The only thing I figure is that the recipe had me bring it to a boil at a couple different points and then simmer for 10 minutes after that. The recipe stated that since it would be pressure canned and then cooked again when served, we didn't need to cook any longer....I'd always simmered about an hour or so years ago but don't know where that recipe is(enter new recipe). I saw Linda Lou's recipe from the USDA and am going to try that this afternoon....but want to make sure I adjust the tomatoes/vegetables correctly in case I'm not figuring right for tomatoes. My main thing is that I want the sauce thick.....well, tasty too...LOL.

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Real close. A bushel is 62.5

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Thank you so much.....I'll get to that sauce shortly - just had to post another question that I've been wondering about.

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