Hang or trellis?

grmadarr(8a)January 28, 2012

Hello all; It's been a long time since I last posted! But I'm back and confused!! I need to know what hoyas can hang in pots and what ones should not or does it make a difference.

Please advise me...It is always good advice and I appreciate

all of your help. Where might I find the bamboo hoops?


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You can grow Hoyas either in hanging baskets or on a support and it is mainly personal choice. Some species are naturally pendant growing epiphytes but even these will climb at times. Many species do not twine and they will need to be attached to the support but others twine very well and need little help.
I start my Hoyas in 4" pot unless they are very small and once they develop quite a bit of new growth you can then usually decide how you want to grow them. I grow most smaller species as hanging plants and larger ones on trellises. Any species that tend to put out long vines that search for something to climb also get grown on a trellis. Still it's really up to you and what kind of look you want or how much space you have available, trellises allow you to grow more plant in any given space.

I get my bamboo trellises at Home Depot but you should be able to find them at most big garden centers.


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I have a couple that are growing on trellis. I've forgotten which way should you not wind them and leave pointing ( up or down)? Both have some long vines but I'm always afraid to clip them for fear I'll put it the wrong way and it die.



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You just keep the growing tip facing up.


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Thank you very much!

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I was just thinking about this whole looping thing the other day. I had pulled out a couple of flats of Hoyas so that I could loop some vines that had grown long enough to be tidied up and trimming away dead bits. Obviously I haven't left any growing tips pointing down, but I still end up with the sporadic section of vine that dies back.

So, this is my conclusion: Do not wrap any piece of any section that doesn't have leaves. (In addition to keeping the growing tip facing up.)

I'm an idiot for having done that, right? Or a genius for having figured out my mistake. One of the two.

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Thank You Mike for your expert advise.I never knew about the tips facing up!!Do you do that with the hanging vines also? And just how do we do this??
Greedyghost; Thanks also for the tips. I need all the advise I can get. All of you Hoya nuts have a good one!! Darr

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Plants growing hanging are just fine left to do their own thing. When you are growing on a trellis you want the plant to always feel like it's climbing upwards, the vines that are secured with the growing tips pointing down often die back. Vines often die back at the tips for other reasons and this is nothing to worry about in the long run but still if you can prevent it why not.


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I agree with you, Mike, that it's important not to read too much into any one variable (e.g. "human intervention") when there are so many other variables that impact whether a vine will flourish or die back.

I'll just leave my super long undeveloped vines alone from now on and if I still see periodic die back at about the same rate as before, then I'll know my assumption was premature.

I think, in most cases, if you let the plant do as it chooses, you will encounter fewer instances of die back. On the other hand, timely intervention can permit you to optimize the growing conditions. You just have to pick your moments of interference and make sure they are useful and well executed. Or suffer the consequences! (lol) I mean, let's be honest, it's not like plant growth is a constant variable and if you lose a month's worth of growth due to die back, you will never get that time back. Most of the time they just do the work all over again at double speed.

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Well now that I know what to do I will try and do it!!lol Thanks Mike again for your help.I am going to try my hand at posting a picture again soon. I really enjoy the ones that all of you post. Thanks to Greedyghost and all of you for the advise. Keep up the good work!! Darr

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow..I was looking at this thread and wondering how it got bumped up when the last post (prior to this one I just made) was over a year and a half ago Wed, Feb 1, 12 at 19:19

Weird...wonder how that happened,lol...

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

Yes,that is weird.
At any rate, I can add to the discussion in that pinning too tightly can cause die back. I think the plant juices can't travel up the vine if it gets pinched too tight, so I use looser clips or that velcro tape to secure smaller vines. Sometimes I just clip to already dead vines to create the desired direction. The plant will usually send out another vine a bit further back from where it is clipped.

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It is weird!! But I'm glad it happened!! I was just thinking about wrapping a LONG vine that has grown out on Kerrii. I didn't see till now, not to clip vines without leaves!!! That is good advice to know :).

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