Sago Palm Problem

scott7876(9/W Melbourne)August 12, 2014

Hi All:
Anyone have any thoughts on what might be happening to my Sago? It's 5 years or so old, usually produces a good flush of new growth each year. This year it produced a tall "cone" type flower, which eventually dried up, then it produced a big blast of new leaves. After a week or two, the new growth began to wither and turn brown, and it looks like I'm going to lose the new growth. The old growth is still nice and green. I fertilize periodically, and other than a whitefly problem from time to time, it seems to do well.


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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

If your weather is really hot, Sagos can get sunburn. A product like Cloud Cover will prevent that.

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scott7876(9/W Melbourne)

That was a thought of mine, it has been real hot, and the new leaves were delayed due to the flowering, the new guys didn't come out until the cone had dried up, much later in the year than usual. I think they are goners, unfortunately!


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"Frizzle Top?".........lack of nutrients.......?

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Have you checked for Asian Sago Scale which has devastated the Sago population in Fl.? It is common. If it's that, you'll need a systemic insecticide. I have had good luck with Bonide Systemic Granules. Easier to use than a drench. Have linked a Youtube video about Asian Scale which might help you diagnose.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asian Sago Scale

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the brown part looks like palm frizzle but you may have some scale too. Treat the frizzle first as wallisadi suggested, then get the scale. There is a product you can buy at the big box stores for this.

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scott7876(9/W Melbourne)

Thanks for the responses folks. I do fertilize, but I usually throw palm fertilizer on it, which might not be the best I suppose. The growth from previous years is fine though. Will treat it and see how we do. It was a little sprout when we bought it, so sad to see the new growth die off!

Also thanks for the link to the video, it does have a touch of what I guess is scale, but I will have to take a better look at photos to see if it's what I have here. I sent a photo to our extension agent, haven't heard back yet, but I know scale is a big problem here.

Thanks again all!

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zzackey(8b GA)

It's not a palm. It's a cycad. I think it's Frizzle top. It needs Manganese.

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