Can I?

berrybusyAugust 18, 2011

Can I use frozen lima beans in place of the fresh lima beans in Ball's 3-bean salad?

Usually I've waited until I can get fresh lima beans to make three bean salad, but I have a lot of green and wax beans right now and and the last jars of it went to my mom earlier.

Or, would there be a problem if I subbed fresh kidney beans for the fresh limas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ball's pickled 3-bean salad

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

No safety issues as long as you keep the amounts the same. The frozen ones may just go a bit softer.


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If you prefer a firmer texture, just soak some dried beans, cook them until "al dente" and use in place of limas. I always keep 7-8 varieties of beans on hand and they're great for adding to recipes,especially if you pressure can.

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I agree, no problems with your suggested substitutions. I have been planning to make more three ean pickled salad, I used the recipe from NCFHP and it takes oil, which I didn't like, I'll make them without next time. And I used kidney beans, I don't care for limas...


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Can you still boiling water process the salad if you use the "par-boiled" dried beans as suggested by nosnowtn ? I looked up the NCFHP recipe, and it looks good. Have you tried it with the canned beans as suggested? Do they come out too soft?

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I found using canned kidney beans you have to be careful to follow the USDA directions, adding them at the end, and not overly stirring them, otherwise I've already have the bean insides cook out and been left with nothing but red "husks" and a pulp that settles to the bottom of the jars. I prefer to use fresh when I am able.

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