How long can ripe, blanched, chopped tomatoes last in the fridge?

ellen_inmo(6)August 17, 2012

Darn it, I should have stayed on track with just freezing them till a less busy time. Two days ago, I did two batches of tomatoes. Some were just blanched, some I did get cooked down and strained. At this point, given they are still okay to do so, I will process them all today. Correct my thinking, but if I froze them, then thawed put again, the amount if time it takes to do so, couldn't that hinder a spoiling on them? I don't usually take chances with precious produce. The day got away from me.

Are my tomatoes still good?

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

What are you planning to make with them?
Canned tomatoes? Sauce?

I think they're just fine if your product is heated before packing into jars.


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I will be making the Nchfp Spaghetti Sauce without meat. Two separate batches. I've never let my tomatoes go this long without attention.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

It'll be fine. It's hot pack and will be heated again before use. Go for it!


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That I will do. What a spectacular tomato year it was/is here, despite drought. That is, if a person irrigated their vegetable garden. Dry conditions meant very little blight and disease. Even those who watered with sprinklers reported very little disease. For those who didn't water, they lost out. I've never had a year where tomato plants are just as green as can be after harvest. I believe these plants would have kept om producing had we not had day after day of 100(+) degrees. 70 - 100 pounds each day for 3 weeks streight off only 22 plants, I'm not complaining one bit! However, I must resist the urge to sneak into people's gardens at night where I see red tomatoes just going to waste. :-)

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