hoya carnosa

mrscrazycatlady(4-5 ontario)January 7, 2014

I have rescued my mother's hoya carnosa. It is probably about 10 years old and has been badly neglected over the past couple of years as her alzheimers has become more evident. I've watered it when I visit but we all know how warm and dry retirement homes can be.

Its been 15 years since I've had a hoya though I had sucess with them. I've pruned it back some but it badly needs repotting. I'm sure it is in the original pot with less dirt. Do they prefer to be pot bound or should I pot it up a bit? What type of fertilizer? I've used half strength orchid fertilizer once simply because it is all I have on hand right now.


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Checking the roots is a good idea in order to see how root-bound it is and how big the root system is likely to be after and if you decide to trim it either for size or to remove dead roots. Even if the root ball is big and healthy, you may want to still keep it in the same pot if you do not want the plant in a bigger pot. If you do go for a bigger pot, go for just an inch or two bigger, no more. Chunky fast draining mix is a must.

You might hear all sorts of contradictory opinions on fertilizer. You might want to go for controlled-release granules if you are not disciplined enough to fertilize with soluble fertilizers. Whether soluble or CRF, I understand the ratio of nutrients is best in roughly 3-1-2 proportion (check the box). It should contain the necessary micro-nutrients as well. I use Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro, recommended by many people in the "Container Gardening" forum here. Not sure if they sell it in Canada.

Very fast draining soils can be fertilized with weak solution almost with every watering (flush with water occasionally). If the mix is more water-retentive, one of many disadvantages is salt build-up, so you'll need to fertilize less often, which is less optimal.

Good luck with it, tell us how it goes and post a picture of the plant for more ideas from people here.

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