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cablock1(5)January 27, 2012

hi everyone. thanks for your help on my previous question. everyone here on this forum is so helpful!

my question now is where is a good source for the small size plastic hanging baskets, the 6" size specifically?

i do have some, left over from summer time purchases of annual flowers,etc... but i do not seem to find them anywhere new & un-used. the smallest size here at walmart or home depot is 8". the 6" hanging pots seem to be a great size for my small starter plants. (I have even resorted to swiping a couple from my neighbor's trash on trash day, so pls help!) lol thanks again, cathy

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Hi, Joni at SRQ Hoyas has 3" and 6" white hanging pots for a very reasonable price. Her products are very apprpriate for anything Hoya related.


Here is a link that might be useful: SRQ Hoyas

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I make my own by drilling 3 or 4 holes evenly spaced along the top of a plastic pot, then use wire to make the hanger. The pots cost .50-$1.00 each, the wire I use is on a roll. I can't remember what it cost. Makes pretty cheap hanging pots.

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thank you both for your replies. that web site looks great & i definitely will be doing some shopping there! i also like the idea of making my own hanging pots. no more diving into my neighbor's trash! thanks again. cathy

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