Medio-variegated, green elsewhere

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)February 28, 2014

Berndny had a remark in a thread about having too many with edge variegation, and not enough with the middle variegation.

While I have some with the white edges, or maybe just LIGHTER edges/margins, my preference is for the ones which have a lighter midleaf, with eye-liner margins. It seems to me, in my unscientific thinking, that the white margins MELT AWAY in our heat, leaving an unattractive jagged leaf for our very long growing season. The ones I have with darker margins/edges, they seem to fare much better. Of course, blues tend to turn to blue-green regardless of where the color is located.

Here are some of my dark-edged hosta.
Have any to share? Please do so.

Smooth Sailing--a charming subtle hosta willing to grow.

Brother Stefan, Georgia Sweetheart, and June--you see they come in all sorts of midleaf colors, with Geo Sweetheart almost an orangy color at one point in the season.

Forbidden Fruit and Orange Marmalade, together last spring

American Sweetheart with really wide green margins and a somewhat streaky creamy yellow midleaf

Hotspur, a very interesting hosta from England, begins with a colored midleaf which turns white later in the year. I include the before and after pictures in case Ludisia sees this. It came from Naylor in 2013.

and in August after a lot of wear and tear

Pathfinder and its sport Half And Half together, partners at cards opposite one another...inMay

Xanadu in April, already losing midleaf color going toward white

Some of the smaller ones in one pot last May:
Pure Heart, Cracker Crumbs, and Snow Mouse.

Another small, Warwick Comet, early in the year

Journey's End in May, making a scape already

Catch Of The Day is a fragrant hosta with a sort of streaky midleaf, gonna get big, and to its right (not variegated) is another new fragrant, Honey Pie, in September. Brenda's Beauty is in back, gonna give her a better picture next

Brenda's Beauty is quite interesting, deserves to be watched all season long. Here she is in August

Touch OF Class with Heat Wave

Morning Star in stayed in morning light all season

Rhino Hide

Paradigm in May

Eye Declare, shining like a beacon out of all that green!

Night Before Christmas

and, I will stop there. There are many more in my garden, but I must look for the pictures taken late in the season to show you how durable the leaf edges are. Even with sweet gum balls and pecans and squirrels jumping out of trees into them.

Love to see what you are growing with the green or blue edges.

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A few more.

Captain Kirk in June

Volcano Island, a tetraploid, with Adorable, a fragrant, in Aug.

On Stage in July

Stained Glass, fragrants, with Princess Anastasia

Sharp Dressed Man in May, needed more sun to stay with a light midleaf

Midnight At The Oasis in 2012, only had an emerging shot in 2013....won't let that happen this year


Hoosier Harmony, also fragrant


White Elephant

Jabulani in September

Twist of Lime, a small, in bloom in June...Wow, nice!

Masquerade, a small easily spread hosta for most people, usually white in middle but I keep mine in a lot more shade.

Little Sunspot

First Mate

Yesterday's Memories, soft and subtle in the spring

Lucy Vitols beside Aspen Gold...both came from Don Rawson in 2012

Woop Woop turns white in the middle later on

and I'll stop again, give you a breather

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WOW!!!! Mocc your plants left me breathless. In my small space I'll never be able to have such a gorgeous display. But it is something for me to shoot for, using pots instead of ground space. If my project turns out like want it too, I may even enter our neighborhood garden walk. We have a weekend garden walk here in the city with over 800 gardens plus walks in other nearby communities. A total of about 12 different ones thru out the summer. Thanks again for such great pics.

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Jane, the space I use for hosta (and a few other things) is only possible because our sweet little neighbor sold use a strip of her lot, 100' x 25' deep. That's where all my (sshhhh) # of hosta are located, except for the very bluest ones which must stay in bright shade. Oh, and I have an experimental bed planted along the driveway beneath some palms and ligustrum.

The 100' x 25' "Back40" started out totally overgrown with seedling trees, briars, buried broken bricks, such as that, which DH cleaned out for me. One thing I do to increase the usable space, and give dimension to the arrangement, is raise some pots up, either on pedestals or on "bleachers." And, I supplement my scant shade with large patio umbrellas.

We can discuss this in a separate thread if you like.

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Boy, wish I could buy the lots next to my house. But I'm going to our Hosta Soc. breakfast tomorrow and will take copies of pics of my yard to get more ideas. Took 2 pots and put them under lights in the basement. Hope something comes of it. Have a lot of ideas of putting pots along my driveway between the houses and along the fence. Will expand the side beds by another foot so I should have enough room to plant all the plants I have now. Enough for this year at least. Thanks.

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Hi Mocc,

Do you have 'Whirlwind'? It's a pretty great hosta, and it's a Fortunei, so it can take some heat.

Don B.

P.S. Duh, yes you do! I guess I should look at the pics you post a little more carefully before I make a suggestion...

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'Dance With Me' is a real beauty, Mocc.

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5

Thanks, Mocc, you have very nice plants and will be very showy when fully mature. It looks like we can never have enough hostas. Bernd

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An impressive collection Mocc !

Here my young Pin Up, good growth and strong color contrast.

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Don't forget about 'Mister Watson' with his eyeliner margins, heh heh heh. : ) Sometimes I feel like a hosta 'Pusher'...

Don B.

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'Inniswood' is a good gold with green margins. It's listed as a medium by most, but it can get pretty darn big. Isn't that right, Myrle? ; )

Don B.

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'Dream Queen' is gorgeous, but has been a slow grower for me so far. Maybe I'll see it leap this spring.

Don B.

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PinUp is sure a looker and has the Striptease genes in it alright. Before I do many more of that family, I must let the ones I have grow on another year. Gypsy Rose was my first of those, then Striptease itself, Kiwi Full Monty, and soon to arrive from Hallsons, SNAKE EYES, which I picked out of Babka's bleachers last year, fell head over heels for it. Supposedly it won't be put into tissue culture, so if you want one get it when it turns up!

DonB, I had Dream Queen and she did not do much for me, although she was one of my first three Queens...Fragrant Queen, Dancing Queen, and Dream Queen. Then I learned her family tree, and decided not to replace her after she croaked. Hope you have better results.

Oh yes, I have two Whirlwind; also Second Wind and its new sport, North Wind, on order from Hallsons?

Mister Watson is among those shipping this spring too. I will add it is included due to your "enabling", DonB!

Most of the time these days, I am working on my garden index, meaning records of the hosta here or on order. I was shocked to discover my list did not include several hosta from last year, had to add them to my count. Not new purchases THIS year, just some I inadvertently missed in my total. I know how it happened.....FOUR ORDERS arrived in one day. MASSIVE BOXES in the kitchen where I staged them. I discovered my omission while browsing through photos for THIS if it were not for my pictures, I'd have no record of St.Paul or Rain Forest or Vanilla Cream or a couple more I got from Jim Hartmann. That day I think my head was spinning!

I had not enough counter space in my kitchen to work, so one was on the floor. That was the day all my hosta auction stuff arrived! ETC.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I see DP is assisting with unpacking? (Dear pet) lol

I was a newbie back then and my head was spinning too from the size of your total order! That was my induction of things to are some of my medio's. Your hostas all look happy and healthy and most of all, p u r t y!

Don, I love the colour of your DQ! Almost lost mine so she is small yet. Hope she colours like yours. My MW also aspires to look like yours...and to look like Myrle's....well, I guess in a few years....yeah, you are a pusher alright...I have no idea how many hosta you alone have enabled at this end!

LUUK..PinUp is gorgeous.

Here is 'Cracker Crumbs'

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

'Dream Weaver'

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Cute little 'Trifecta' new for 2013. Neat looking in shape and bright too.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I decided to post 'Mister Watson' just to show an example of how a juvenile plant compares to a more mature one, like Don's. When I picked this one out I liked it because it was gold and smallish...never thinking it would end up being so gorgeous! Can't wait.

'Mister Watson'

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The tombstone for my Dream Queen reads:
9-15-11 2 gallon size purchased in MA.
6/2013 died in Mobile, AL. Failed to adjust I think.
2012 it was fine. That's it on the left

But 2013, it had difficulties and finally croaked.
That's it on April 16 next to Royal Standard. Pretty is as pretty does, sez Forrest Gump. I figure "it's a sign."

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Since LSM goes green for some during the summer, I want to post 'Lakeside Shore Master' simply because I love it so. It is my only lakeside so far but Don's L. Kaleidoscope has me thinking of adding....

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Jo, LS Kaleidoscope did not perform well for me in 2013, although it looked fine when it came up in 2012. I'd purchased it up in MA in Sept 2011 and brought it south dormant.

Here is what it looked like in 2011, then 2012 before it developed nematodes, and then the next one in Sept 2013 fairly well recovered and doing okay. Although it seems to have lost its groovy waves.

Sept 2011

emerging in 2012 in zone 9a

and then Sept 2013 after surviving treatment for nematodes

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Jo, the Mister Watson as a young hosta looks a bit like my Faithful Heart, which will stay in the small size. I got mine last year, and it is a beauty, hope it spreads more this year.
Golden yellow surrounded by a fairly nice green border.
Here it is last August
Faithful Heart

June Fever in May 2013

Fantasy Island next to Faithful Heart in June

Jade Stone, a big ole fragrant new last year, in mid-August

Hot Green Chilies another big ole fragrant peeking out from beneath the rain-wet bananas

Heart And Soul, a sport of Vanilla Cream, and then Derriere sported from H&S--which looks like a big dude, but it is definitely NOT.

Summer Music is an awesome hosta, sport of ShadeMaster and it wants morning sun, so it says. Here it is in May, then in August, holding its own as a standout among a lot of hosta where it gets some late afternoon sun zone 9a!

Dick Ward...did I do him already? cannot say enough good about this guy, had him since May 2011, my very first hosta order, always impressive. Hope he leaps this year.

Paradise Island

Justine in August

Tick Tock and First Mate together in the pink boat in August, where they got a lot of sun, shaded barely by a potted palm

Paradise Power sort of reminds me of On Stage in June,

but not later in August

On Stage, a knock-out in June

Saint Paul leaf shot

I omit my shots of Guacamole, Holy Mole, Emerald Charger, and other fragrant hosta with green margins since they appear in so many postings I make.

Whew, am I done? yes.....

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By the way, Don, Dance With Me is a sport of Summer Music. So is Summer Breeze and Southern Music and LS Meter Maid. Among a lot of others. Get Summer Music and have fun sport fishing....:)

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Yes Jo, 'Lakeside Kaleidoscope' is a good'n. Her wavy off-white margins are delicate, and except for early in the morning, it thrives when sited with the sun off her head. This plant can look it's best with zero direct sunlight, but with shade as bright as you can get it. You follow me there, buddy? ; )

Don B.

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Thanks for the tip, Mocc. I will get 'Summer Music' and hope for instability! One more of 'Dance With Me', now sited in the earth.

Don B.

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Your Dance With Me is worth another look, Don. I'm thinking that is from LAST year? :)

And more than likely, LS Kaleidoscope found our climate too much for it. We'll see this year if I find a sweet spot to situate it.
In bright shade.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Here is a photo taken in August. I don't think I saw this one amongst your splendid hosta pictures, Moc.

The photo is not that clear because I took it too late in the day, but Rainforest Sunrise still shines like a beacon in my garden.

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NewhostaLady, how could I have omitted Rainforest Sunrise! Such a winner in more ways than one. Including in my garden.
The little beauty looks good when it blooms too. Ultra compact and tidy, and strong all season long.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

I knew you must have one (at least)! Unfortunately, I never took a photo of mine in bloom. It's on my to do list for this year!

Your RS is looking bright and healthy!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Hey, thanks for the siting tip for L. Kaleidoscope there, Don! Much appreciated. It is too beautiful to chance disfiguring it by too much sun exposure. When I look at your picture it really calls to me. It really is gorgeous, isn't it?

Mocc, I love looking at your hosta pics...especially the groupings. It is fun getting to know all your "babies". They have that what I call "the sunshine glow" as so many of your hosta have a beautiful and healthy sheen to them. Sometimes when I google a particular hosta I actually recognize not only my own, but others' as well, from seeing them before...I would recognize your labels anywhere! :-)

Wish I was buying hosta right now! I have this need to touch their leaves...

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