Smoking peppers

thonotoroseAugust 11, 2012

Abnorm got me thinking...

The best dried peppers I ever ate were "pasada" chilies. They were mailorder and expensive and I have never found them since. 30+ years...

So... has anyone smoked their own peppers? Any tips?

We don't barbeque, but we do have a neighbor that does so regularly.

I would think it would be more of a drying-in-smoke operation rather then a high heat one.

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

My neighbor tried it last year smoked them all day very low heat then he froze them other wise its a 2 day process to get them dry enough not to spoil. Heres the information he used.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smokin peppers

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I don't find any reference to Pasada peppers, although that is not surprising with the thousands of varieties and the plethora of local names. It may have originated in Pasada, Chile. On the other hand it might have been a Pasilla.

Drying should be similar to turning Jalapeno peppers into Chipotles. It will take a long time (2 days) in a low temperature smoke, so a barbeque is not really suited if you want to store them dry. You might be able to get away with smoking in the barby for a while and finishing in a food drier.


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This one is just ripe for a funny- where's Tom or Lou? anyway, I went out in the garden and picked a peck of---- what I mean is- I tried to light the darn things and couldn't-- what I'm trying to say is, when I tried to smoke those darn peppers, all I did was choke-up and cough...well, I don't want to get lung-cancer anyway so just as well...LOL... sally

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Yes, Sally, I figured I was playing with fire, pun intended...

rednofl, Thanks for the link... helpful....

Inulover, def not a pasilla, clearly remember pasada. They were sold by a well known outfit in the southwest that sold a lot of heirloom edibles. Pretty sure they folded.

Thanks for the confirmation that I needed a long, low effort.

That delish pepper I mentioned in another thread is COVERED with buds. That's the one I hope to smoke.


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Cold smoke is the usual method ....An electric skillet or a hot plate with a pan of wood chips in an insulated box... Here's BambooRabbit's smoker thread:

My barrel smoker build is for MORE than just my peppers...I dream of smoking Chicken and Ribs and maybe even a "Fatty" well as some BACON snacks: (ABT/ADT/PigCandy/PigP*ckers)

I'm hoping I'll be able to sloooow it down to cold smoke the peppers and tomatos......

Half a Jalepeno stuffed with cheese and sausage wrapped in bacon...Smoked crispy

Half a Habernero...cheese...sausage...wrapped in bacon ...smoked

Thick bacon rolled in brown sugar and laid flat to smoke

Breakfast sausage wrapped in bacon and smoked crisp

A "jellyroll" of Ground Meat...stuffed with cheese and savory fillings.....tightly rolled and wrapped with a skin of woven bacon.....Smoked crispy....uuummmmmmm!!!!



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