Question #2- hostas as indoor winter plants

peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)February 27, 2010

Can a person bring a potted hosta into your home for the winter similar to bringing a geranium or coleus? Would they continue to be a 'plant' or do they need to go dormant and die back?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there is a requisite dormancy problem ... 45 to 60 days ...

now if it went dormant in fall.. you could probably bring one in now and enjoy it ...


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I'm mulling over doing just that, bringing in one in a pot that's been frozen all winter. I'm thinking I should bring it into a cold (but warmer than outdoors) garage for at least a week first?


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bunnycat(z6 NY)

You might not like the result. The first year I put some potted hostas in the garage. I worried all winter that I didn't do it right. In late February or early March I brought a few into the sunroom, which is kept at about 38F all winter. Three sides are all windows. They slowly woke up. I was delighted when I found eyes growing. I set the pots in front of the windows and they slowly leafed out.
The sun wasn't strong enough in March for them to grow well. Other plants would be described as too "leggy"...not quite right for hostas, but you get the idea. I broke dormancy on hostas that were potted in pairs, leaving the other of each pair in the cold garage. All summer I regretted my impatience. The ones left in the garage looked SO much better.

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peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)

I should mention the reason for my question. In Paul Aden's 'The Hosta Book' 1988, he wrote "Pot culture is particularly desirable for growing a wide variety of forms. Further, there is considerable satisfaction in having your favorite garden plants thriving indoors during the winter when the garden is drab. It is easy to move from one room toanother as occasion demands. Pooted hostas in bathrooms are especially welcome."
Does this work?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

listen to me ....

when you are contemplating hosta in your crapper...





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I`ve often wondered about this myself, when I read that people use Hosta for indoor bonsai.
Also, I am a COMPLETE novice on Hosta from seed but I tried to germinate a few once. I got one 2inch plant to grow, which never got any bigger. Wondered what to do with it come winter..left it on an ice cold, old, drafty window ledge all winter...come spring, to my surprise, the little thing sprouted again!

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Years ago I purchased a large clump of "Olive Bailey Langdon" when it was rare, from a friend who had forced it for his hosta display at the March Philadelphia Flower Show. I won't mention the obscene price I paid!

It probably had 6-8 divisions, was 3 ft across and absolutely showy. Huge leaves.

Inside my home, even with proper care, it slowly diminished and finally the leaves started yellowing.

I dug it out, found it root-bound, cut it apart and soaked it in bleach and replanted the divisions separately.

I lost all the divisions to rot - can't blame watering, as I didn't overwater. Suspect its dormancy wasn't sufficient and it just lost vigor.

But, having said that, I still force a few, although this winter marks the first in a long time I don't have divisions overwintering for my winter dividing pleasure.

Which is just as well, as our area has had one of the coldest winters in 60+ years.

hoping to prune my fruit trees this weekend

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peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)

I guess I didn't proof-read my quoting of Aden very well. It should say 'Potted plants', not pooted plants!!
No disrespect intended, why would Aden write that if it doesn't work? Just curious.

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