pnbrownJanuary 15, 2013

Since this gets mighty hot in summer, I reckon it an HT topic. This is the acre under glass at a farm nearby my place. I think I mentioned it before, as in peril of being redeveloped into an equestrian estate. The place was saved last minute by a deep-pocket benefactor, to be perpetual for food-production. It's now owned by a non-profit.

Here is the glass-house, an acre under glass. I heard yesterday they plan to remove all the glass and replace it with acrylic. Wowser, that's a lot of glass probably going to be given away to whoever will take it. Maybe I'll have build a couple more solar bunkers.

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I wonder why acrylic is preferable to glass in this situation? Especially when the glass is already in place!

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The acrylic panels do have a much higher insulation value; also a fair amount of the glass is missing and/or broken. And they are into some deep pockets.

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Perhaps they could do a replace as they go solution so that they don't have to get rid of it all at once!

An acre under glass! That's huge.

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Awesome! During the winter my egg farmer grows winter greens "under glass", nice to still have fresh greens/spinach during the cold days. Could you reclaim some of the glass for a small greenhouse for yourself?

Kudos to the savers of the land!!

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What do they grow inside those houses at different times of the year?

Ohiomom may be on to something. I'll bet those panes of glass could be recycled into some fine back yard greenhouses.

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Nik here they grow winter veggies (mostly greens) and they also start plants and summer veggies. My egg guy works for a large greenhouse operation/farm in off season (boiler maintenance, basically making sure the greenhouse stays at proper temps) they then transplant the seedlings (flowers/veggies) out into the farm fields and sell them at their farm market on the premises, he also brings some to our farmers market.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

I am stunned at the size of those structures, particularly their apparent heights. What in the world were they destined to support by way of crops?

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Ohio, yes you bet that is our intent to get some of the glass. I learned today that there is another reason to replace with polycarbonate, a good one, which is that the operation is going to be a community teaching opportunity, especially with schoolchildren, so having the untempered glass on the roof is obviously a potential danger.

Marshall, the place was built 25-30 years ago and grew hothouse tomatoes and cukes for years sold at the local markets. We ate a good many. My friend who had the place for the last 7 or 8 years did the same. The great hight is an attempt to control overheating as well as buffer nighttime cold, which it does to some extent.

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Cool! Maybe when you get your hothouse built you will share pictures and I will pretend I am not extremely jealous .. what a great find :)

Grow, grow, grow...

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marquest(z5 PA)

WOW that is a lot of glass, Very interesting thanks for posting.

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