Dwarf, sterile royal poinciana?

slopfrogAugust 5, 2012

I'm still looking for a dwarf, sterile cultivar of royal poinciana. My girlfriend loves them but we don't have the yard space to devote to a big tree and I'm not going to constantly deal with seedlings either.

Previously I was told to look at Pride of Barbados. Well, I finally saw one and to me it looks weedy... Not really what I'm looking for. I realize that with a LOT of training from a very young age it might work, but I'm looking for an easier option.

Any suggestions? Other than "quit being so picky!" :)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I tried for several years to "Dwarf" a variety of white poincianna resulting in going ten years with no flowers
Did remain under 10 feet though.lol
3 of my neighbors keep regular RP and the main problems besides size are not so much the seeds sprounting but the pods are large and very hard. Tough on mowers ??
I'm a BIG fan of the dwarf poincianns POB being my favorite I keep them in oversize pots as I like to move them around. Check out some of the nurseries that keep already trained specimens You will pay for it BUT will already be towards your "Ideal" Might mention that they also have pods but are only around 3 inches and are soft.
There are at least 500 types of flowering trees that require 8 or above winters so there MUCST be a type ??lol

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