last bloom of the season.

jean_ar(z8 Ar)August 26, 2014

well, its finally here. THe last bloom on my rebloom scape. and the picture was taken late this evening. I first took its picture this morning with the cell ph. but, then couldn't get it from the camera to the pc, so had to go back out with my camera,and about never got the camera to work, but finally got my picture.I sure hate to see its last bloom, cause its been blooming since the middle of may.

and this one had its first rebloom today.

well, I did do it, managed to get pictures into photobucket then post them, too, with this crazy computer. I sent m y daughter a message this evening and told her I am fed up with this lousy computer and she needs to come fix it, before I decide to drag it out to the street for the garbage truck to pick up:) She says she will come see if she can do some thing tomorrow., so am hoping she can do some thing with it.


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sherrygirl zone5

Really like beautiful edgings! Need some more late bloomers.


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I especially like Beautiful Edgings. That was very good Jean, since it is almost September.

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You can savor these even though your rebloom season was not good this year. As you noted, next year may be better. Even in a mediocre year, there are things to celebrate.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

It is always sad to get down to the last bloom. I hope you will stick around here because I have tons of pictures of my lates and what's still blooming, and even loads of photos I didn't get to post all summer.
I only rarely get rebloom on a couple of daylilies each year because my season is so short. Beautiful Edgings is beautiful. My Buttered Popcorn just finished up for the year.


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At least you got a great picture of that final bloom. I can almost feel the dusting of pollen on the petals.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Thank you all so much for commenting on this last bloom. It was a bloom machine almost all summer,and I do hate th see the last blooms on any of themThis one was always a favorite, but, at least the camera worked for me to get a picture of it.
CELESTE, I wouldn't want to miss a single photo of all your beauties, so I will be around to see them when you post them,


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You should have a copy made of that Beautiful Edging last bloom, and put it where you can see it (desk, fridge, end table). That way you could enjoy that last bloom right till next bloom season starts, and you could enjoy it even when your computer's giving you grief. Anyway....I'm glad to see that that last bloom was such a pretty one.


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Really like Beautiful Edging. How nice to still be getting blooms!! I had almost no rebloom!
Looking forward to next year, maybe more of them will rebloom

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Thank you, Linda for looking and commenting on it. I have a picture frame a daughter gave me for Christmas that I can take the memory card from my camera and put in it,and have a slide show of all my pictures all day, anytime, and I usually keep it going all the time.


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Nancy zone 6

Isn't Beautiful Edgings a wonderful daylily. Mine didn't rebloom this year, it always has before. One year it rebloomed twice (3 bloom sessions) & was blooming in early October. Not done that well since, but always beautiful blooms & lots of them.
I hope your daughter came & got your computer working better. They can be awfully contrary.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

nancy, Yes, my daughter came that next afternoon and worked on my computer about 3 hours and its been working great every sinc e, sure hope it continues to work body has done got in such bad shape, with arthuritis and scoliois in my back,i cant do much of anything no more and when I push my self to do a few things I want to do, then I stay in pain for days before it subsides, so the computer and the new tv another daughter bought me, keeps me happy, most of the time, until next daylily season when I stay in the yard, till it hits upper 90's then its too hot for that.
have a good night.


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Maryl zone 7a

Your pictures of Beautiful Edgings are always so pretty. I didn't realize until you started posting yours every year just what a good daylily it can be. I like yellows so buttered Popcorn would be a sight to see too at this time of the year. The Farmer's Almanac says we may be getting another unusually cold winter this year, so next year may not be much better. But we gardeners live on hope.......You have such nice daughters to help you out like they do. They must love you very much......Maryl

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Maryl, Yes, it is good to have 3 daughters, that are always helping me out some kind of way.Two of them live just 9 miles away and my third daughter lives in N. C. but she comes to visit every couple years.And shes always thinking of what she can get for me when she comes, I year, she thought my recliner wasn't confortable enough, for some one with a bad back I guess, so she bought me a new recliner.
I found the photo I took of beautiful edging with its first bloom this year, and it bloomed May 9th for first bloom, and last bloom August 26th, so it really did bloom a long time.I didn't have as many rebloom scapes as the year before, but, we did have a miserable winter, and I seen on the weather channel a few days ago, that they expecting the same for this coming winter, too.


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