Winter Shipping & Ho ho Hoyas

greedygh0stJanuary 1, 2013

I had some Holiday Hoyas on the way from Joni and they just arrived yesterday. (wee!) Since we were recently discussing how Hoyas do in the mail this time of year, I thought I'd snap some pictures to show how they look right out of the box.

They were shipped with a heat pack, and as far as I can tell the only damage they suffered in transit is that a couple of the rumphii leaves are probably going to die off, and the two lovely lacunosa peduncles fell off. So, that's too bad, but really overall, the plants are in terrific shape. I don't think you could ask for much more shipping any time of the year.

Hoya lacunosa 'Tove'

Hoya rumphii (IML 1176)

Hoya globulifera (IML 1063)

Hoya leytensis (IML 1287)

Hoya parasitica albomarginate

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Wow, what pretty new babies! I've been too terrified to have anything shipped at this time of year - maybe I won't be quite so terrified now. Thanks for sharing!

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I sure hope there was a parasitica albomarginate left for me! What a pretty plant!

GG- is your list up to date in your page? I want to see if there's anything I have that you don't.

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Thanks for the compliments. :) The nice thing about ordering in the winter is that in some cases the plants have had a little bit more time to grow, before being snapped up. :P I used to notice that I'd get Gesneriads three times the normal size this time of year.

@ Tigerdawn

lol Well it wasn't, but I just updated it. The Hoya/Dischidias anyway. Please do hit me up for a trade - I'd like that. The parasitica is lovely! I just noticed it was also on your current order from Joni. Great minds think alike! xD I've always really liked the Hoya aff. parasitica 'Lao 2' (SRQ 3056), so whenever I see parasitica I take it as a good sign. ^_~

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Well it looks like the only thing I have that's big enough to propogate that you don't is H. excavata. I have a cute little variegated african violet that you might like and an Alwortha x 'Black Gem' that is really neat. I also have an extra Anthurium 'Fruffles'. It's a cool plant and way easier for me than the other Anthuriums.

But that's about it.

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G.G....they all look great!! I received 15 hoyas from Joni this past Monday...all arrived in great shape, a couple have a few leaves that I expect I'll lose..but, the plants are fabulous. I agree with you that plants tend to be larger this time of the year...they've had a longer period of time to grow in sunny Florida. I've noticed the same thing with many nurseries. I hope the New Year is fantastic for everyone!! Fondly, Patrick

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Oops. Left ya hanging there. :)

I'm sure we can work something out! I assume your intending to delay till the spring? I'm not sure I want to start a bunch of baby plants quite yet. :P

FYI, I had to Google Anthurium to figure out what exactly Fruffles was a cultivar of and I came across this picture. Wowza! So, now, needless to say my future wedding bouquet is going to be a bit larger than people expect.

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@ Patrick

I've got to say, a post from you always puts a smile on my face. They always feel so warm. :) So glad to hear your plants made the trip well, too. Yeah, losing a couple leaves on such sturdy, well developed young plants is no big hardship. You can tell right away what the score is because the ones that suffered will have that floppy translucent look, and the rest will be fit as a fiddle. I think sometimes we can be a bit oversensitive about losing Hoya leaves, but if the plant is in good health overall, a little incidental pruning can be a good thing.

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GG, I will look forward to a wedding pic of you pushing that bouquet down the aisle in a wheelbarrow... or maybe you can have it lowered through the roof by crane.

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I like the wheelbarrow option. Very 'green thumb'. I don't know if Fruffles makes flowers like that though.

Spring is probably best. I don't have those heat packs like Joni. It might give some other plants time to grow too.

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