The J's

mctavish6February 19, 2011

Since I can't find J - I'll start one.

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Jack of Diamonds - starting to fill out and look nice. Added rails to keep dog from trampling.

Jimmy Crack Corn - a seedling of Piedmont Gold. Getting a bit overgrown on backside, but I like the woodsy look.


Justine - New, June Fever sport


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That Julie Morss is lovely. I have not seen it before.

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Mctavish, Love that Journey's End. Sounds like just the thing at the end of my path. Thanks for the J's.

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I'm fascinated by your 'Julie Morss' two leaves alike.

I like your rails protecting 'Jack Of Diamonds'.
(I'm partial to ornamental railings anyway, since my Dad used to make them.)
My Jack Of Diamonds has just a little different shading than yours. I've hunted all over the internet, and found descriptions from yellow to chartreuse edges. I've also found pictures ranging in the same (more yellow to more yellow-green) tinted edges.
Maybe yours is in more sun than mine (or maybe it's my picture editing program or camera that shows different coloring.)

I never know from year to year what different leaf patterns I will see on Jewel Of The Nile:

June, one of my favorites:


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Since a couple of you seemed interested in Julie Morss I'll add a few comments and a couple more pictures. This is one of those plants that gets greener as the summer gets hotter. It's like Sharmon but has those nice streaks at the margin. I read in the Hostapedia that there are two strains - one from Naylor Creek holds its color longer. That seems to be the one my sister has. I bought one locally a couple years ago because I'd always liked her plant. I put it in too much heat and sun and by the begining of June it was all green. Last year I moved it to the cooler shade in the woods. That is the picture above in mid June. By July, hardly any varigation showed. I managed to get a division of my sisters Naylor plant. It does seem to hold the varigation longer. Mine is very new so here are some pictures of her plant of Julie Morss. I think not much sun and a cool spot helps and if you can get the Naylor strain, it would hold far longer.

The first picture was taken at the end of July

Julie Morss grown in the Pacific Northwest

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on lower right, in much sun,


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I think the Julie Morss is a treasure to have in any shaded hosta bed and will have to take note of McTavish's when spring and summer comes to BC ( Better weather here then in the east coast, thank goodness)

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Julie Morss will be popular, so pretty and varied.

Here's my June in the ground before the drought and she started shrinking.


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