hoya dropping leaves

cablock1(5)January 21, 2012

I have had a large hoya pubicalyx for over 30 years. It is a beautiful plant but has been losing many, many mature leaves since i have brought it inside for the winter. The mature leaves are turning yellow at the base end and falling off. The leaves are not turning yellow at the tip of the leaf and falling off. It is actively growing now as it has many growing vines and the new leaves on those stems are fine. It's in a 16 inch(or more)plastic pot on a fern stand. the base of the plant is woody but it does grow vigorously and has may long vines and has flowered many times over the years. I have not repotted it in many years but i have top-dressed the soil with new soil. it gets morning to mid day sun in an eastern window and i have cut back on the watering for the winter. I probably have to repot but i do feed my hoya when i water it. My hoya is also getting some gentle bottom heat. Any advice or help is appreciated. I don't want to lose my old friend!

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When I brought mine in for the winter, especially the Royal Flush, the leaves began to yellow and drop off. Eventually, I took it out to the greenhouse where it is thriving. My first thought is that the air in the house is very dry after being outside for the summer.
I'm sure other more experienced growers will offer more expert advice soon.

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thanks, Beverly. you are so very fortunate to have a greenhouse. having a greenhouse is on my wish list, but right now, it is just a dream, so my hoya has to stay near a window for now. it is typically dry in the house during the winter but my other hoyas are doing just fine, so i can't figure out what is making my old hoya so unhappy. i hope that some one on this forum will be able to help. thanks again. cathy

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

We really can't say, esp. w/out seeing pix. I'm inclined to think it's a drainage problem, esp. since you haven't changed the mix in years.

If it were mine, I'd stop the fertilizer & the bottom heat, but then I'd also turn it out to check the roots; it's really the only way to be sure.

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Have you cut down on watering because the potting mix was remaining wet for too long? Hoya pubicalyx is quite resistant to dryness but you don't want it to be dry for too long. If light levels are still good you should be watering as per the rest of the year and a slightly weaker fertilizer is fine as well. The bottom heat will speed up drying so watch closely.

I have several Hoyas that always seem to drop leaves in winter and I think it is just due to the change in growing conditions.


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thanks for all the info. all of you here on this forum are so knowledgeable! i think that the drainage is fine, as you can see by the photos, it is actively growing. in general, taken as a whole, the entire plant looks in good shape, but it has lost dozens of mature leaves (no kidding!) since coming indoors for the winter. i definitely will repot this spring, but it will take the help of a couple of strong men in order to tip it out of it's pot! i hope the photos appear ok, i am new at this. if they don't i will try again. thanks cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: hoyas

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Your plant does look nice and healthy so I am sure it will be just fine. I find that the leaves that tend to drop on my plant are the ones that formed when it was in very bright light. These light green leaves seem to be the ones that drop when the gloomy days of winter come around.
I bet your plant just explodes with new growth after being repotted. I repotted a well overdue Hoya carnosa a few years ago and it grew tremendously and bloomed very well come the fall.

Your photos did show up but if you would like to post them directly in the message you can copy and paste the html code right where you want the photo to appear. If you click the share button above your photo in Flickr you will find the html code. You can right click and then copy and then right click again and paste the photo into the message here on Gardenweb.


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