What is wrong with my hoya leaves?

RFA2010January 21, 2013

Hi all. Newbie to this website and forum. Im having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with some of my hoya leaves. They have white and black patches on a certain few. Any ideas what this could be?

Im pretty sure I water it appropriately and it doesnt get direct sun exposure so not sure what else. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi RFA, and welcome to the forum! Honestly, your leaves look like sunburn to me, but if it's not getting any direct sun, that's obviously not it. Now and then, I'll have a few leaves, all in the vicinity of each other, that get crispy edges for some reason. I've never quite figured out why this sometimes happens, but I usually just end up cutting off the ugly leaves. For me, it doesn't seem to be anything that spreads. Is this the only stem on the plant? If not, are other stems affected? And if so, that LOOKS like a pretty big pot. How big is the pot? Can you give us a photo of the whole plant for perspective? And what kind of mix do you use?

Denise in Omaha

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Are the leaves dry or are they soft and wet, the rotting areas? The blackened area plus the leaf that shows a central spot outlined by a white and then brown area makes me think there might be a fungal infection of the leaves.
I would remove the leaves seeing as there are other healthy leaves present.
Also I agree with Denise that the pot appears to be much too large. A smaller Hoya would do best in a four inch pot until it fills it up with roots. Having cold wet roots during the winter is what causes many problems for house plants.


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Hi Mike & Denise. The spots are dry and flat. They feel just like the leaf. Its basically just the discoloration.

This is the only stem and its in about 5 ot 6 inch pot. I didnt know the pot size could affect the growth. I had a hoya before (it got burned in an office fire) and it grew perfectly and even flowered and that single stem was in a huge pot as well. I just used regular potting mix, again same as the last hoya.

I'll go ahead and just remove the leaves. By chance how do you get a plant to grow multiple stems? Thanks

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Since it is the only stem and it looks like there are new, healthy leaves, this is how I would handle it...

First, I would go get the components for a fast draining mix - you could start with some all-purpose mix, add in some perlite and a little orchid bark. I'd probably use a ratio of 2 parts each of the potting mix and perlite, and one part orchid bark. I would whack it back to above that first set of ugly leaves, pull what's left of it from the pot, shake off all the old dirt (no need to wash it, just get off what's clingy...) Then put the rootball in the new pot along with the stem with the good leaves. It should root fairly quickly in a warm bright spot (no direct sun) and your old stem should send out some new growth within a few weeks. You'll be rid of the old ugly leaves and you'll end up with two plants in the pot, making it fuller.

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi RFA & Welcome,

Pot size really does make a HUGE difference in growing Hoyas, sorry if it presents an inconvenience, but you'll see, it makes a big difference.

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You might also want to rethink storing onions or other produce in such close proximity to plants. They can give off gasses I think which might affect hoyas. I know I don't store produce in the same crisper drawer that I keep fig cuttings in.

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