ID this hitch hiker please

goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))August 31, 2008

This fast growing plant must have ridden on ao another as I do not have it elsewhere.Any one know its name?

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Here is a closer shot

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Goldenpond, I have this growing. It arrived here unknown to me and it´s spreading. It is pretty and I have seen them for sale in hanging basket. I saw it identified here on this forum before. I think it was called something basket.
We will find out.

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

I think this might be basket grass, as Felix mentioned. Osplismenus hirtellus undulatifolius (or something like that!).

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That´s it, Ana. We have many brains working together,Goldenpond.LOL

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

so it is not a weed?It makes a nice ground cover but will it smother the others?

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

It does appear to be the lovely weed known as basket grass. Here is some information on it and a picture. Linda

Basket grass, also known as Woodgrass, Annual Jewgrass or Mary's Grass, is commonly found in moist, shady environments. This weed can be identified by its wavy leaves, which feature a white midvein that divides each leaf into two uneven halves. Basket grass germinates in the early spring, at approximately the same time of year as crabgrass, and it flowers in the fall.

Two to three weeks after basket grass germinates, it enters its cotyledon stage. When it first begins to grow, it will appear very similar to crabgrass. As basket grass matures, it grows several leaves, and the runner can grow to as long as 27".

As with most weeds, basket grass is very persistent. It can be prevented using the same pre-emergent herbicides you would use against crabgrass, although weeds often find ways to grow despite the precautions people take.

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This stuff is all over the place here. I am constantly weeding it out of the beds. Just as bad as artillery fern (which I have scads of also).

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babalu_aye(zone 9b - St Pete FL)

I had some at a previous home. I thought it was some type of wandering jew.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

thank you all for the help.Fortunately the bed id surrounded by concrete walks so for the moment it
is contained.BUT if it sends out runners that long it will be traveling to more beds

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I love basket grass! I actually dug some up from my mom's home in SC and brought it here. I'm going to use it in the hedgerow as a ground cover, because it lays so nice and flat and spreads so fast.

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How does it do if it's walked on (or run on by a puppy?)

I have some that came up in mulched beds and I was thinking it sure would take less mowing than the regular grass. Could it be used in place of grass? I'm constantly looking for a way to replace mine. If not, is it vigorous enough to choke out the weeds in the mulched beds. If so, I'll leave it there. I'd prefer ground cover in the beds to the weeding and periodic remulching I have to do now.


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Basket grass does not need mowing at all . It is a vigorous grower under the right conditions - like right now - wet . It can take traffic . My 4 dogs thunder over it all day long and the grass is still there . Castorp told me that basket grass is a Florida native .
Tropical sod webworms adore this grass . They will destroy huge sections of basket grass over night . I'd much rather have the grass than the worms .

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lellie(z9 Anna Maria Island)

Is this the stuff that sports tiny blue flowers?
If so...then I have it too...and it is taking over the yard. LOL

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thanks Gatormom. Sounds like I gotta get some more while we're still in the rainy season and it can get established!


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When I moved into my condo 2 years ago this was along the side of the building 2 doors down. Now it's in everyone's back yard. I actually like it, I think it's prettier than St. Augustine and it holds moisture to keep my backyard toads happy. I don't have to mow, but if I did I would be trying to spread this!

Natives and Veggies: Everyone in my condo walks the same path through the back yard to take their dogs out, so in that walkway there's an narrow path of where it's not doing so well, but everywhere else is does fine for kids riding their bikes and dogs running around.
Here's a pic:

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I brought back an older post to re-think the subject of basketgrass .

From what information I could find , this grass is not a native and is considered an invasive species in many states and countries . It is an aggressive grower and is taking over many parts of my yard .

The grass is a perennial . It reappears each summer . It prefers shade and moisture . It disappears at the first sign of colder weather here in Central Florida .

Seems a shame that it is an invasive plant . It is great at erosion control , is a very pretty green color , is hardy , needs no care at all to thrive and it does not need mowing !

Still a favorite among the original posters here ?

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