HOYAS, Variegated

birdsnbloomsJanuary 1, 2011

Happy New Year's... There are so many here who have hundreds of Hoyas...hopefully someone can answer.

I have NO idea how many Hoyas are in existance..That's not the question, lol.

Out of all Hoyas in the World, and/or those we can purchase in USA, how many are variegated?

A close estimate will do, and if it's not too much trouble, can you name them? Thanks so much, Toni

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Of course, there's the variegated versions of carnosa, 'Krimson Queen' and 'Krimson Princess', which are sold under all kinds of different names. I also grow a variegated version of verticillata and two different variegated kerriis. I've seen photos of a variegated australis, a variegated obovata. I've got a variegated multiflora, but it's reverting back to all green. I'm sure there are others...

Denise in Omaha

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Off the top of my head these are the species that I can think of that are available as variegated forms. Some of these are rare so they can be difficult to find for sale.

Hoya DS-70
Hoya acuta
Hoya parasitica
Hoya archboldiana
Hoya australis
Hoya lanceolata subps bella
Hoya carnosa
Hoya incrassata
Hoya compacta
Hoya multiflora/javanica
Hoya kenijiana
Hoya kerrii
Hoya lacanosa comes in heavily spotted/splashed varieties.
Hoya macrophylla
Hoya obovata
Hoya pachyclada seems to now be available in Thailand


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Toni,

Is there a particular reason you ask? Am just curious as I'm rather a variegate nut myself.

I've had Hoyas Krimson Queen & Krimson Princess as Denise mentions (Hi there, Happy New Year Denise), briefly had a variegated Multiflora. There's the gorgeous H macrophylla variegate of which Denise has shown us Pix (I lust over this one a lot, hope to get one next Spring). I recently lost a variegated H. Australis, about 8 yrs. old, slowest growing plant I've ever had (seems to have lost its roots). I also have a large variegated H kerrii.

I've also got variegates of non Hoyas, from Aloes to Haworthias, Aralias, Chlorophytum. There's a variegated Sans (green & white) that I hope to find sometime. I LOVE variegation but only Green & white, not green & yellow.

Happy growing in the New Year everybody!!

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Hey Karen! Happy New Year to you, too! I completely spaced the variegated macrophylla until Mik mentioned it! It is a pretty plant, but it grows funny for me. I have a lot of tip die-off. It'll put on a spurt of growth that's fine, then the next few tips that try to grow will die back before they produce leaves. It did bloom faster than my green mac, but the flowers on both are pretty unimpressive compared to the leaves. I still prefer my green mac...

But in general, I love variegated plants, too, although I find that in many species, they tend to be weak. Like 'Krimson Princess' and how it wants to revert back to all green. I finally gave up on my HUGE one, restarted it with only variegated offshoots and tossed the rest of the plant. I bet before I did that, I must have gotten 2 dozen pots full of all-green offshoots that I sold or gave away! And I'd only had it about 3-1/2 years! And you mentioned Sansevierias - I've tried growing variegated ones over and over and they go along just fine, then one day I go to water and it's collapsed. I've got one right now that I've had about a year and am hoping it will stay healthy.

Mike, do you know where I can get the vareigated archboldiana? Or see a photo of it? I don't know if I would actually invest in it (I bet it's expensive!) I really love my green Archie, but it's a bit tempermental for me. Maybe by the time I'm growing it well, the variegated version will be readily (and affordably) available...

Denise in Omaha

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Denise there are a few websites that I have seen with the variegated Hoya archboldiana but from what I have seen it is not all that impressive.
Some of the Thai vendors have this one available.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya archboldiana albomarginata

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Denise....I had the same experience with my H. macrophylla variegated, namely the stem die-back. This hasn't happened with the non-variegated macrophylla. I got so upset about the constant die-back of the stems, that this past March I decided to water the plant more frequently...as often as javanica/multiflora. After 9 months the results are amazing....little to no stem die-back and the leaves have more than doubled in size...as large as my hand. It could very well be all circumstantial, but I'm convinced that this plant needs more frequent watering, despite all advice....I water it heavily every 3 days, and am very impressed with the results, as the new vines are now around 3 feet long and no die-back at all. Hope this helps! Fondly, Patrick

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Hey, this post is a wee bit old, but I thought I'd also share my experience with variegated macrophylla. Mine also grows much better when I keep it moist. I was watering at least every three days, but often I would water it daily, as long as the top of the coco husk chips I use as growing medium was looking a little dry. I water it about as much as I water sp. Tanna Island, subcalva, and buotii. Now as of late I've done a terrible job watering the hoyas, so I did get some vine tip die-back (which was to be expected), but that's pretty much all I got, no leaf drop this year.

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I follow exactly the same strategy as Quinn with my variegated macrophylla and ever since I started I haven't had any die back. It's been growing so beautifully this winter. It really makes me excited that this isn't one I'll have to wait on forever for it to be a reasonable size.

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