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dogg1967August 7, 2014

So, I have a pretty small clump of simple yellow daylilies I inherited when we bought the house. They were located in a front foundation planting and easy pickings for the neighbourhood deer. I moved them to the backyard this past spring in a sort of out of the way location and they bloomed profusely amazingly avoiding any deer attraction whatsoever.

Well, this made me think that just maybe I could fill this small area with more daylilies... Well lo and behold, I'm driving through town and I see a sign offering dayliles at $5. It's an elderly couple both in their eighties with a garden to die for, with a massive planting of various daylilies. I need to go back and take some photos. Anyways, I buy 2 bunches and plant them in my (hopefully) hidden refuge with that small yellow clump.

Here's pics of the two I picked up. I'm tempted to go get a couple more. I imagine an ID is pretty much out of the question, but if you have some guesses, I'd be happy to hear from you:

Oh for extra protection, I sprayed them with Deer-B-Gon.
Any other advice is welcome in terms of their care. The soil is pretty sandy, but I've been amending it with black earth, potting soil, compost, etc. Finally, I've been amazed at some of your stunning photos... please excuse my poor photography skills.

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Yay! Welcome to the daylily world :)
Good picks I especially like the second one. How nice that you just thought of adding more and found that sale. Do they have any named ones? I started with a bunch of unnamed (with a few named ones). No idea about ID btw.
Somebody else will give better advice on care because I am bad to my pretties - water only occasionally, rely on rain, fertilize once a year, they don't get full sun etc. My only advice will be if you get more don't plant them too close to each other :) Maybe put some kind of fencing around them so deer can't eat the buds, if they can get into your backyard. They ate every.. single.. bud this year in my SIL's garden :(

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I don't have any guesses for you, but the second one looks like it has a nice watermark. Nice choices!

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Ah yes. I started out that way, but her charged $7 for a start. Welcome to the addiction. Nice blooms.

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Thanks for the comments... they survived a couple nights now in terms of deer attacks. Guess the Deer-B-Gon is working. Interestingly though, I had something eating a datura seed pod. Whatever it is will be flying high :)

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