Anyone have natives instead of front lawn?

chinchette(9b)August 8, 2012

I would like to see pictures of native landscape in front yards. I've been in Florida for about 11 years and must have had my head in the sand. I never thought about doing native plants!

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Here's just one, Arrowhead Viburnum. It grows all over our property. We also have Walters Viburnum, Beauty Berry, Paw Paws, Wax Myrtles, Carolina Jessamine, Palmetto, Climbing Fern, Sumac, Button Bush, and Gall-berry. It really isn't landscaped, it's just there. I would offer to dig some up for you but I've tried many times - wild plants don't like to be transplanted.

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zzackey(8b GA)

We let part of our front yard go wild in the summertime. We have a few Liatris and lots if wild flowers I don't know the name of. Something in the spring that looks like physotegia. There is something new there now. Kinda looks like Queen Anne's Lace. I will try and take a picture tomorrow and post it. We had quail for the first time. They like to hide in the tall grass. We live way out in the country so no one (I hope!) minds seeing this.

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This is not the best pick, but our whole yard is wildflowers and wild grass--mostly natives.

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I am wanting to decrease the amount of sod we have but if I add natives I would have to make it blend in with the manicured part of the lawn. Those flowers look great. I would like to see how others decreased their sod and included natives.

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JenniferinFL(9B Florida)

Don't forget, unless your in a neighborhood with a HOA, you don't necessarily even have to have something low-growing like sod.

I hate mowing and lawns with a fiery passion. Seriously. We still have a lawn now, but, my goal is that by the time our new mower quits there's no lawn left to mow with it.

"Groundcover" doesn't just have to be low-growing sod lookalikes; it can be shrubs, it can be arbors with vines, it can be paths and raised beds of wildflowers.

I have my raised beds and paths all drawn up to start tackling as I get the money to do it. At first I was looking at ground cover like "sensitive plant", but, then realized I could plant anything there instead of lawn. :)

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We have one home in here that did all ground cover and plants. They had to lift restrictions with new laws.

I'd like to get in a time machine and see your future front yard. Sounds great.

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