Central Florida Asparagus

cfldoc(9 Clermont, FL)August 30, 2008

Wondering if anyone else has had any success growing asparagus in this zone. I have been encouraged so far with my plants, imported from my last garden in Pennsylvania. They have grown at double the rate they grew in PA. I mowed them down this past January and the plants were large. They had been planted the prior June. I withheld water in July, planning to get them to go semi-dormant for a mowing in August. Storm Fay watered them more than I wanted though, and when I went to mow the patch, I had a small picking of spears for the wife and me. I mowed them, added fertilizer and about an inch of compost and now I am watering again. Plan to mow them over in January to if I can get a crop in Feb. or March.

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Welcome to Florida, cfldoc.

I heard of one other person who grew asparagus here, but that was 25+ years ago.

Good luck and keep us posted on your methods.

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When I first moved here I tried to grow asparagus because I missed it from my garden in Massachusetts. Well, after a year it looked so bad that I took it out. I belong to a tropical fruit club and the members said that it will not grow here so I never tried again. New varieties are always coming out and I would surely hope that there will someday be a variety that could do well here. If you get another crop in the winter that would be encouraging. Probably though, you will get less and less. They need a winter dormancy that they can't get here. Best of luck. If this works out for you, I'll be next to try again.

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flatwoods_farm(9A Riverview, F)

I tried in Tampa once- gave the bed the best care but it dwindled away after a year ot two. Paul.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I bought a bag o roots of purple asparagus at walmart, they're doing great so far. Have them in thick organic matter. Not sure if I should let them go one more year before harvesting some, but will probably begin harvesting next spring since they've done quite well. The shoots are a pretty color of purple when they pop up. I understand they live a much shorter life in Fl.


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I had some growing at my last house for several years. I seem to think it was a speical variety that does better in heat but darn I can't remember where I got it! My father had been growing some and I might have gotten it from him (zone 9 too). I can't say his was a great success.

I was growing it under the worst possible condition and it survived anyway. If I had given it more organics and water it might have done wonders.

See how yours does but I'd also check around and see if I could find a zone 9 variety. That might be a big joke! Good luck and have fun.

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