Good news from the Swedish Hoya Society

ohmybloomers(7a)January 21, 2013

The Swedish Hoya Society is lowering its membership fee from 320 SEK to 260 SEK (that's approximately $40 vs. $50).

A huge advantage of membership is the quarterly magazine The Hoya Telegraph. While it's small, it's packed with info and glorious pictures. Just a few articles from the current magazine:
- Hoya lithophytica
- Nathalie works with DNA [identifying hoyas by DNA!]
- My favorites [in every issue - I've discovered great hoyas through these articles]
- Difficult species, part one and part two
... and more.

Just passing it along FYI!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Swedish Hoya Society

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That is good news. :) I hope this means the English translation of the Telegraph has been well received. I just got the latest issue in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to see what's inside - I always learn something.

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So they are continuing to publish in English as well?

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Randy - yes, they started publishing in English last year. The first issue came out in February 2012. The current issue is the fourth to come out in Engish. -- Lesley

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The latest issue is just as great as all of them have been. I love this publication, as it's informative, has very helpful advice and beautiful photography. The only downside is that each issue I see at least one hoya that I simply "cannot live without"!! BTW, there are only 80 subscribers to the English version, and they wanted to reach a hundred to continue to publish in appears that they're going to continue even though they fell short of their goal. I encourage anyone who loves hoyas to subscribe...I find each issue valuable and read each one a dozen times...maybe more! Fondly, Patrick

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Do they have soft copy ones that they can send via email? or just published copies?

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As far as I know they only have hard copy versions, although they did post some PDF examples of the Telegraph when they were polling for interest in an English translation.

You might want to pose this question to Gisela, the treasurer. Her English is excellent and she responds quickly. You can find her email halfway down the page at the link above.

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