Well Pachy Is Budding Up!

teisa(6)January 25, 2013

Im stuck in an Ice Storm and just wishing something was blooming... but atleast Pachyclada has buds developing!!!
Off topic my episcia is blooming, thought I would share some pictures.

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This is my ever blooming episcia!

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Congratulations on the buds.
Your Espisia is cool. I'm a huge fan of Gesneriads now but have not tried Espisia yet. Their reputation for being delicate has kept me away thus far.


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I have a hard time with Episias because they need water more regularly than my other plants. As soon as I find room for a terrerium, they'll probably go in that.

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I grow this one in a large glass jar. It has long outgrown the lid but it still loves it. I've never grown them in a terrarium but I'm sure they would love it!

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I might have to tray an Episcia after all. I already grow other Gesneriads in glass vases and other containers and they do well. I recently put quite a few into a terrarium they have grown quickly. I think the light is not quite strong enough for the Pearcea but it should still bloom. I took this photo tonight.


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Wow Mike! Those leaves look so lush! You would have no trouble with Episcia. They are my favorite Gesneriad. My mother and Grandmother grows the old fashioned Chocolate Soldier. This is where I fell in love with them. My mom had 1 that hung 4 ft down from a hanging basket. And she never grew it in any extra humidity!!
Thanks for sharing that is a beautiful terrarium!

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Now I really want a terrarium!

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I LOVE Episcias. Since I got into Hoyas and my collection exploded, I've tried to transfer as many as possible into terrariums, where they do awesome even if I neglect. But I used to grow most of them in open air and they did great when I was more attentive. My favorite is Chocolate Velour.

You know, I was SUPER jealous that your pachy is budding up. Then yesterday I noticed that cv. Christine is budding, so I felt better. :P I tried to snap a picture but it was late and the buds were tiny so I didn't get much success.

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GG, I am super JEALOUS of your H. IML 1168!! I love those blooms!! That is my favorite colors in a bloom!
My pachyclada is budding up from 2 old blooms, and it has 4 new penducles it has put out! This will be its first new blooms since I repotted it in October! I bumped it up to an 8" pot, and took a cutting off! It's a monster! I hope to get a Red center Pachyclada this spring. But is that actually subquintuplinervis ??
Really enjoyed seeing you beautiful plants!!

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